woodcock flying with chick

Do woodcock really carry their young?

I recently stumbled upon a woodcock’s nest in the forest above my house. This was a major coup for me and I marvelled at the beautiful eggs in their little cup of moss and pine needles. I had almost given up hope that I would ever see a woodcock’s nest,…

Larsen trap being checked

The problem with running Larsen traps

A hotbed of social media controversy surrounds the use of Larsen traps. Seeing wild gamebirds beginning to pair up for the breeding season, the timing is right for me to repair my traps and make a start on the local crows. Significant pressure on Larsen trapping here in Scotland has…

Crab apples on Yorkshire farm

How to prepare and eat crab apples

Crab, scrab, bittersgall, gribble, sour-grabs, scarb, scrogg.” Not the relief fire brigade team from Trumpton, but county names for crab apples, courtesy of Geoffrey Grigson’s The Englishman’s Flora. Such a list indicates a fruit that has enjoyed a long association with man or, at least, Englishmen. In fact, being a…

500 Club

Time to support the GWCT

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) does crucial work for the fieldsports community. It challenges misinformation from the press, advises land managers and publicises the conservation successes achieved on private land. Environmental consultant, author and campaigner Rachel Carrie sums up the GWCT’s work, saying: “Like many of you, for much…

how to call a fox

How to keep predators out of your pheasant pen

Wise keepers make life as difficult as possible for those pheasant pen predators intent on finding a tasty meal. Birds are usually lost in two ways: Mass kills of poults caught together on the ground (usually within the pen) by the predator A gradual loss, as one or two birds…

Game Fair 2018

20 reasons to visit The Game Fair 2018

The Game Fair 2018 – like every year, it’s an annual fixture in the diary of fieldsports lovers. And there are plenty of reasons to go along. This year marks the 60th anniversary of The Game Fair which will be marked in an official opening with a 60 gun salute.…

French bulldog

Why the French bulldog is bad news

If you like both dogs and statistics, the Kennel Club’s annual registration figures always make a fascinating read. Those for 2017 are as intriguing as any. Once again the Labrador was top dog, with 35,068 registrations, an increase of 1,212 over 2016. That might not sound a lot, but it…

Midland Game Fair 2017

Come and see us in 2018 at country shows and game fairs

We always welcome the opportunity to meet our readers and hear about your experiences of fieldsports, shooting and what you’ve enjoyed in our magazines. Where you can meet our fieldsports staff Our fieldsports titles (including Shooting Times, Sporting Gun, Shooting Gazette and The Field) are currently planning on attending a…

Shooting insurance for shooters

Should everyone be covered by shooting insurance?

I run a small syndicate shoot where members can bring a friend each time we shoot. I think it only fair that everybody who comes along is insured and I've asked that, in future, visiting Guns bring proof of insurance (BASC membership etc) with them on the day.

Jobs in shooting

Latest jobs in shooting

BEATKEEPER GLENLOCHY ESTATE – SCOTLAND A Beatkeeper is required for this impressive and improving Highland Grouse Moor. They will be joining a dedicated keepering team and will be responsible for running their own beat. Excellent accommodation and remuneration package.   Apply with detailed CV to: JM Osborne & Co. Carrs…

roe deer

What’s the best ammunition for stalking?

Q: I have bought a new .243 Tikka T3X rifle for deer stalking and 
I would like some advice on the best ammunition to shoot in it. You’ve made a good choice A: Congratulations on buying a Tikka T3X — it will serve you well. The .243 Win cartridge is…

Pigeon in tree

Where to spot the pigeon

May and early June can often be the slowest period for pigeon shooting. But I’m 
very fond of this time of year as 
a pigeon shooter because you really have to think like a pigeon. Your reconnaissance has to be thorough 
or you could waste your time, and the skill…

The Game Fair 2017

Here’s why you need to be at The Game Fair 2017

If you are a fan of country sports, then attending The Game Fair 2017 is a must. It is the largest outdoor countryside-themed event in the world and set to attract 1,000 exhibitors and 120,000 visitors. You will find it a welcome place to meet up with long-lost friends, watch gundogs…