I?ve chosen a nice quiet place for the whelping but what I?m not sure of is how much time is needed to get the dog used to the whelping box.

Should I put her in it two or three days beforehand, or longer?

Jemma Clifford
I?m always guided by the bitch but in this case I would suggest two weeks or ten days minimum for her to get comfortable in these new surroundings, especially getting in and out of the box.

If you are using a heat lamp outside do make sure you put it up and switch it on so that the bitch gets used to it.

The very last thing you want is to put the light on when the pups? arrive and spook the bitch when she sees red for the first time!

The secret is to set up her whelping area the same as it will be on the day.

Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly for you!