The other half would prefer to pause for lunch as we?ve always done and make the day last, instead of finishing at around 2.30pm. What are your views on both options?

Liam Bell
Shooting through is becoming increasingly popular, as many Guns do not wish to be shooting too late in the day with the risk of disturbing birds after the last drive through picking-up (especially in the short days of mid-winter).

Many prefer to have a break for a mid-morning snack and to finish early in the afternoon. Personally, I favour the traditional shoot lunch, but that requires everybody to be out on time ready to carry on shooting in the afternoon.

A shoot lunch gets everyone together, gives the older Guns and beaters a break, and allows any of the Guns who have travelled from further a field to leave once the day is ended, they?ve had a quick cup of tea and thanked their host and keeper.

It is also easier on the stomach if one has guests staying overnight or are out for dinner the same evening.