Do high-tech cleaning products improve accuracy?

Deer stalking: A friend has treated his rifle with some high-tech aftermarket product that is supposed to reduce fouling and increase both accuracy and velocity. He can’t honestly notice much difference but are you aware of any of these products that really do work?

Can we use metal cartridge cases for reloading?

Can we use metal cartridge cases for reloading?

A friend and I are considering loading our own cartridges for pigeon shooting, and have acquired the equipment and components. Our early experiments indicate plastic cartridge cases can only be reloaded a few times, so has anyone ever tried long-life metallic cases for shotgun reloading, and are they available?

I saw a big cat while out deer stalking!

When deer stalking the other evening I saw an animal which looked like a cat-shaped black Labrador with an extra long tail. Was it the poor light or are all those stories of Big Cats really true? And if so, are the damn things dangerous?