How do I get a silenced or moderated shotgun?

I have been asked to cull some Canada geese in a rather sensitive area and it is desirable to avoid drawing attention to the cull. I had planned on using a silenced shotgun. Do I need a variation on my certificate?

What can I legally do about poult thefts?

What can I legally do about poult thefts?

With several friends I run a small part-time keepered syndicate shoot, putting down around 500 poults. However, we have had at least 100 birds taken from the release pen in recent weeks and wonder if we have any remedy in law if the perpetrator is discovered?

Why are some shotguns coloured blue and brown?

The receivers on most over-unders shotguns are given a plain silver finish but every now and again I see pictures of some with lots of blue and brown marks on the surface. What is this, and why are they not polished smooth like all the others?

Is it illegal to shoot bar-headed geese?

Last season I mistakenly shot a bar-headed goose at evening flight. It was in a skein of greylags and didn’t stand out from the rest. How rare is this goose and have I committed an offence by shooting it?