GEORGE WALLACE says: “Little *******” doesn’t exactly tell me what species of deer are causing the problem, so I’ll try to cover them all.

Obviously, Red Deer can jump much higher than muntjac or roe, just as a 17-hand hunter can jump better than a Shetland pony. The actual height they can jump will also depend on the incentive – like boys scrumping apples, the prospect of a free meal can increase the level of effort.

I have heard that deer will test a fence by standing on their hind legs. If their chin reaches the top of the fence, over they go.

Generally, a fence 6ft 6 inches (two metres) high will keep deer out. It must be fairly small mesh because they can wriggle through an astonishingly small hole and it must be tight against the ground to stop them pushing under.

If the required run is short enough, perhaps a wooden fence topped with trellis would be more suitable?

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