In fact as far as I?m concerned the best thing she ever did was to walk out on me six months ago ? I?ve been able to shoot and fish to my heart?s content ever since.

For that, I love and thank her deeply. Trouble is, how do I get my guns back? Are there any solicitors who specialise in this sort of thing?

Shooting legal advice
Sadly this is not an uncommon story. Spiteful spouses can be difficult.

The best folk to help in this situation are the firearms department at BASC, if you?re a member.

If not, let it be a lesson that you should join. They can advise on what to do and in some circumstances will contribute to the cost of an appeal.

If not you?re on your own.

In the first instance speak to the solicitors through whom you communicate with your wife.

If they don?t have a specialist they should be able to point you in the right direction. It could be costly unless you qualify for legal aid.