The judges were David Haycock, Anne Austin and Michael Austin and prizes were generously sponsored by Alpha Dog Food.

It was a warm and pleasant day with distant views from the hillside. The ground consisted of young forestry plantations and open areas of rough grass, with fences and ditches providing obstacles.

The morning tests comprised a double mark in a conifer plantation, a mark and a blind in rough grass, and a mark in rough cover followed by a blind in a ditch.

Later retrieves included a blind over a fence, a mark over a ditch and a mark on grassland during a walk up. The results were very close and several run-offs were required to sort out the results.

1. Phil Wagland with gr.d. Pebbletoft Rock

2. Steve Crookes with gr.d. Moscargrange Amos

3. Anna Wagland with gr.b. Pebbletoft Polka

4. Anne Crookes with gr.b. Milltythe Adelaide of Moscargrange

Intermediate/ Novice Cold Game
1. Charlotte Smith with lab.d. Conneywarren Tammy

2. Doreen Thompson with gr.b. Holway Ria

3. Anna Wagland with gr.b. Merryway Hazel of Pebbletoft

4. Ralph Pitfield with gr.b. Seldanaureus Dara of Dovespring

CoM David Sidwell with lab.b. Wytonruss Fern

CoM Terry Dobson with lab.b. My Bashful Lady (owned by Marlene Dobson)

The award winners and judges from the intermediate / novice cold game gundog test.The award winners and judges from the intermediate/novice cold game test.