Nick Nairn says: As a keen shot myself, I really value many different aspects of the grouse season…

“It has long been acknowledged that Scotland’s food and drink and country sports sectors are truly world class so it is wonderful to demonstrate how the two can blend together so well. Grouse is a sustainable food that Scotland leads the way on and I would encourage restaurants and diners to make it a firm favourite on the nation’s menus.”

Daniel Parker, factor at Abercairny Estate, said: The Glorious Twelfth is always the highlight in the calendar but the reality is that it is a year-round effort from gamekeepers, land managers and estates to keep our moorland vibrant so that it can support a rich range of wildlife not to mention tourism and employment.”

Grouse counts now underway

Grouse counts now underway

Moorland estates across Scotland are gearing up for the start of the shooting season and are carrying out counts to…

grouse shooting lesson

Some grouse shooting lessons

Grouse shooting lessons! Mark Russell reveals the best ways to tackle grouse-type targets in the run-up to the grouse shooting…