Chinese water deer established themselves in England in 1929, after escaping from a private park. The species has been successful and today Britain is home to 10% of the world’s Chinese water deer population.

The stalker cautiously tracks a Chinese water deer with the essential skills of silence, stealth and patience. Ever cautious, ever alert, the chosen beast warily ventures out from the cover of a thick hedgerow, watching and scenting. A single careless footstep from the stalk, resulting in a snapped twig, will send the deer racing away into the undergrowth.

The stalk takes the hunter through a thick maize field before the deer rests on some plough, providing the opportunity for a quick and humane kill. As the stalking took place on private land the gralloching takes place immediately in the shelter of a hedgerow. Afterwards the hunter carries the quarry away carefully, mindful of the trophy’s trademark tusks. Final scenes show the deer being butchered neatly. Many believe that Chinese water deer is venison at its very best.