Despite the vast difference in numbers, your two BSA shotguns were despatched from the factory at Small Heath, Birmingham, only two weeks apart!

No.37473 was despatched on on July 30, 1923 and the other on August 13, 1923.

The serial numbers of BSA shotguns bear no relationship to their date of despatch.

I own and use a matched pair with a difference of 275 between their serial numbers, even though both guns were finished and despatched on the same day, also in 1923.

The BSA shotgun was introduced in 1920 and, over the next 19 years, more than 48,000 were built in eight different models of 12-bore.

Some 40,000 were sold in the first five years of production.

  • Douglas Wren

    I have a German shotgun given to me when I was 14 years old [I am 74 now ]on the barrel is the GECO badge and written on the side is KRUPSTEEL the number is 14309 it is a hammer gun and still in use by me it has been proofed with the word NITRO stamped on the flats I was told by the local plumber who gave it to me it was made before the 2nd war but we didn’t reconise the german proofing then I have had a new stock made when I was about 17 I slipped and cracked the other.I wonder if you are able to tell me any more about this gun.Thank you.

  • Ijus Jawa

    I posses a BSA 12 bore shotgun serial No:YB 5999, type:SBBL 12 bore, repeating or single shot. Made in England. Can oyu tell me what year this gun is made and show me picture of this gun.

  • brendan keane..

    hi. can sum one tell me about my bas 12g bouble barle no 51133. 25 inch barels , 1&half inch choke on boat barels. can sum one tell me how old was it and what game was it made for. the barels wer not cut back.. its like new. a lovely gun. work well. on snipe.. brendan . keane

  • hamza

    i have a 12 ga double barrel S by S smooth bore shotgun with internal firing mechanism, it’s serial no is 43581, could someone tell me about its manufacture dates thanx

  • Andre Barnard

    Good day,

    I have two air guns and am very interested in finding their date of manufacture.

    The first is a BSA no. 2 under lever air rifle
    The serial stamped on the gun is “S 45500”

    The second is the Webley & Scott “junior” .177 air pistol.
    The serial stamped on the front of the weapon is “4118”

    Your help would be much appriciated


  • kieran fleming

    i have a bsa shotgun b421 i want to get an age for and your help will be appreicated it was my dads gun and he bought it second hand i think sometime in the early 1960 thanks kieran

  • padmundo

    Where was this information on the manufacturing dates derived from? Where would someone go to find out this information?

  • Colonel. Zakir Hussain

    I posses a B.S.A shotgun serial number, ‘29100’ with a ‘crown mark’ and under it written ‘BV’…
    Can anyone tell me its year of manufacture? And any other information if known…?

  • Udayjayaraj

    I posses a BSA 12guage smooth bore Shot Gun No; 23186 made by BSA England,could you tell me the year of manufacture and what will be the resale value for this firearm.

  • Garan

    I have recently acquired a BSA single 12 serial # YB0112. I looked BSA up online and they didn’t start producing the single barrel 12 gauges until the ’60s, but still I would like some more detail if you could help. If there is anything I should be looking for to help please let me know.


  • Gaynor

    I have a BSA shotgun serial number 6045 – can anyone tell me what year it was produced and what its correct insurance value should be? many thanks

  • Daniel

    im 13 but at what age can i apply for a firearms licence and own a shotgun???