The privilege of membership is through the achievement of shooting a right-and-left at woodcock before two witnesses. Note that a gun must not be lowered between shots.

As a member of the club you will be sent a certificate, a tie, a badge and an invitation to the annual dinner, which this year takes place in the magnificent Orangery at Blenheim Palace on Friday the 21st March, 2014. This event provides an opportunity for members to meet, exchange news and bid for the fantastic lots in the charity auction (in aid of the Game Conservancy Trust’s research into woodcock). Club members who book their tickets before the 20th December will receive a £5 discount on the ticket price – paying just £75 a head instead of £80!

Members will also be kept informed with a regular newsletter.

If you think you are eligible to join, or for more information, contact Katharina Doyle on 020 3148 4741 e-mail

  • Earnie bruster Breeden

    I would like more info in joining this club, I skeet shoot with a 98% average.

  • Ian Foster

    I would like to register a right and left woodcock while rough-shooting recently. Please could you help me with this.

  • Gavin Hanrahan

    Today,after many years as a woodcock hunting enthusiast,i shot my first right and left.Can i recieve some help as to how to register?Many thanks

  • marie smith

    i would like to register my husband left and right at woodcock please can you help

  • julia miller

    My husband has had a left and right at woodcock, Please can you tell me where I can get a woodcock tie from. I do hope you can help. THANKS

  • Hugh Nott

    I did shoot two Woodcock on a drive, in one left and right, however It was a pure twin reaction shot, but I was berated by one of the beaters who shoved the two beautiful birds under my nose, and I never shot a live bird since then, although I have beaten a few gamekeepers at shooting clay pigeons since, I now miss the lot. I may start again when I am hungry.

  • norman bourne

    I would like to register my left and right woodcock . please could you assist on this matter. Many Thanks. Norman Bourne 07721410560

  • brian bowen

    i would like to regster my left and right can someone tell me how to do it please.

  • Paul Williams

    I would Like to register my left and right at woodcock. Can you assist me in doing so.

    Mob:07519 057 054

    Many Thanks


  • darren kellett

    i would like to regestar my left & right can someone tell me how to do it.

  • Lynn Temple

    I acheieved a right and left at woodcock on30/12/08 witnessed by my wife Elizabeth and 19year old daughter ,Rosy with charles Osborne 20bore(late grandfather`s gun) .
    I left voice messages for Ian Hughs but no contact yet .Please advise how to progress entry.Thank you .Regards Lynn Temple(address:Salthill Hse.Mountcharles,Co.Donegal Ireland.