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I have problems staying focused when clay shooting!

Clay shooting
In order to hit a target, whether clay or live, with consistency you must have ‘hard-focus’ on that target.

The best way to do that is to literally try and read the maker?s name on the clay.

You heard correct! Read the maker?s name on the clay as it?s flying.

Most clays have the maker?s name molded into them – whether it?s Laporte, CCI, Promatic etc.

Once you have established your pick-up and hold point, just under the flight path of the target, call for the bird and stare hard at it while its flying, and try to read the maker?s name.

Whatever you do, don?t look at the gun?s rib/bead for any reason at all, force yourself not to look at it. Just keep your eyes hard-focused on the clay.

The best way to do that is to ?say? the name while trying to read it as you?re watching the target and moving the gun to it.

I usually tell people to say in their heads ‘CCI’ as it?s a thing that cuts into the memory banks better than any other names.

When you see the clay you have to read it or CCI it.

Your instincts, along with muscle memory, will put the muzzles in the right place to pull the trigger.

Trust your instincts to pull the trigger each time, they are far better at it than you or I, so trust them.

After a couple of months you don?t even say it in your head because you hard focus automatically.

So get out there and just CCI the clay.

If its a live bird then you just stare at the beak or ‘beak it’ and no other part of it ? easy!

Try it, it really works.

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