what is a shooting syndicate

Just what is a shooting syndicate?

If you are a member of a syndicate shoot, are you aware of all the legal aspects? David Barrington Barnes runs through how not to become the wrong sort of syndicate

How to hold a shotgun

How to hold a shotgun

I always watch the best shooters at our club and can't help but marvel at how easy they make everything look. They seem to have all the time in the world to mount the gun and break the clay.

George Digweed shooting

Learning to shoot the George Digweed way

Would you like to be taught to shoot by George Digweed MBE? Who wouldn’t? He is the winner of 26 world titles and over 150 international titles. He is unequalled in the shooting world and his accomplishments extend beyond clayshooting He is considered one of the finest game shots in…

Wheelchair shooting

Can I enjoy pheasant shooting in my wheelchair?

We’re all looking to the season ahead. But what if you’ve recently found yourself confined to a wheelchair – or not so recently. What’s the deal with getting into the field if you use a wheelchair? Bill Harriman, BASC’s head of firearms and global authority on guns, gave this advice…

shotgun chokes explained

The lowdown on shotgun chokes

Shotgun chokes explained Chokes, the tapered constriction at the muzzle end of a gun, are a much-discussed topic out in the field and on the shooting ground. Who uses what choke, for which target and why? These questions are usually asked if someone is shooting well, the assumption being that…

rough shooting kit

The right kit for a succesful day’s rough shooting

It would be fair to say that I am pretty well addicted to my walked-up shooting. Years ago, walked-up or rough shooting was the mainstay of many a Gun and I know for plenty of people it was how they were introduced to the world of shooting. Then along came…