Q: I have a Breda Vega Special Trap gun, 29.5-inch barrels, choked 3/4 and full. I'm shooting clays mostly going away (trap style) but eventually I want to be able to shoot anything from skeet to sporting, so I am thinking of having Teague multichokes fitted. What do you think?

A: Getting the gun converted would make it more versatile. However, from what I have been able to discover, Breda Vegas seem to change hands at anywhere between about £450 and £750 – in other words they are not expensive guns, so it could be a mistake in the long term to spend a lot of money on the conversion.

I don’t want to pour cold water on the idea, but it could be better to sell the gun and buy a multichoke Sporter. Also, as it is a trap gun I don’t think you will shoot skeet or sporting very well with it, unless you spend more money on getting the stock altered.

A cheaper alternative to the Teague option would be to have the chokes bored out to quarter and half, and have the stock altered, but if the gun was mine I would get the best price I could for it, and invest in a multichoke sporter.

This query first cropped up in the forum section of the website www. shootinguk.co.uk, to which I contribute. On the site you can pick up lots of good tips from experts in all aspects of shooting. One of my colleagues on the site suggested that it is not worth getting a Teague multichoke job done unless the gun is worth at least £1,200. That doesn’t suggest that Nigel Teague’s excellent work is over-priced, but I’d compare spending a lot of money on a cheap gun to fitting a Ferrari engine to a second-hand Ford.