Do you know how to place a slip lead correctly?

Q: Many years ago at a training course I was taught that the slip ring must be on the side of the dog nearest to the owner so that it slides down, rather than it always being tight on the opposite side. What is your opinion?

A: The slip lead is quite a simple and effective tool. However, I am dismayed by the number of gundogs 
I see out in the shooting field with the lead on the wrong way round and/or the lead pulled tight because it is too short, with the result many dogs will gag or at least start coughing after being strangled in this way. The slip lead was invented as an easy lead to carry so that it could be quickly slipped on to a dog after work or to keep it safe at the owner’s side.

slip lead for dog

A slip lead

Positioning a slip lead correctly

The lead should be positioned over the dog’s head with the sliding ring nearest the handler’s leg; if it is on the correct way the ring will slide up and down the lead freely. This means that when the lead is slack, as it should be at all times, the ring will drop freely down the lead under the dog’s head. If you walk with your dog on your left side then looking from the front of the dog the lead will go over the dog’s neck in a clockwise direction, down the opposite side, under the throat to the sliding link near your leg. It needs to be long enough to have plenty of slack and be of good-quality soft rope or leather that is supple enough for it to slide freely. 

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