Gundog trainer with springer spaniels

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Look out for the gundog training answers, where your questions have been reviewed by training professionals. We also welcome requests for help from readers who are experiencing difficulties – just write to and we will take a look.

Browse through many pieces including information on when to start training, doggy body language, improving marking, picking up and distance handling.

Gundog training has a vocabulary all of its own and unless you are very experienced there may be some terms you are unfamiliar with. So it might be a good idea to check our gundog terminology guide here and learn some of the terms by heart.

Dog in camouflage

A well-trained gundog is a wonderful thing

In addition, different gundog breeds will respond differently and if you’re looking to buy a working dog to train for the field have a look through our guide to breeds.

Finally, we have plenty of articles offering advice on gundog puppies – and if you start off on the right foot then you’re more likely to end up with a dog to be proud of out in the field.

prepare your dog for the field

How to prepare for your dog’s first shoot day

Getting your dog fit both mentally and physically will help prepare your dog for the field and  the rigours of his first shoot day. It is also important for you, the handler, to have a plan of action as to what you want your dog to achieve on his first…

springer spaniels retrieving

Why won’t my springer spaniel deliver game to me?

Q: I have a 10-month-old springer out of a rescue kennel. He is obviously working stock, good looking, full of life and hunts like a demon. He was completely wild when I got him but after a year of hard work we are now enjoying shooting rabbits over the moors.…

spaniel training

Teaching your gundog to work hedgerows

Q: I have a young spaniel, and when hunting along hedgerows he always pulls ahead and sometimes gets through to the other side — a couple of times he has run off. As I plan to do a lot of rough shooting with him, this is something that I really need…


Blowing the whistle on harsh dog handling

Earlier this year, the resignation of the honorary secretary of the Utility Gundog Society (UGS) Kent and East Sussex, Bernadette Restorick, not only caused ructions in the society, but also generated headline stories in The Times, the Daily Telegraph and Our Dogs. What Mrs Restorick had done was raise the…

Avoiding bad habits in Labradors

Bad habits in Labradors

I have a 14 month-old lab dog who will have to put him in kennels for two weeks while we are on holiday. I'm concerned he may pick up bad habits while in the boarding kennels?

gundog with gamebird

How can I stop my gundog eating game?

Q:  My gundog eats game instead of returning and leaving it. Twice last season my Labrador ate 
a brace of partridges laid to cool in the back of the pickup. The dog, a six-year-old, had never done this before. Would it help if I gave him a good feed after…

dog in field with cows

How to stop your dog chasing livestock on a farm

If you are going to work your dog on a shoot, there is one thing of which you can be certain: sooner or later you will encounter livestock. As a responsible gundog owner, the last thing you want is for your dog to show an unhealthy interest in farm animals.…