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Into your hunting ground in just one click with the new ZEISS Trail Cameras

Our environment is full of surprises. Many of them occur without us being able to notice them. The animal world in particular proves to be most alive when humans aren’t present.

With their detailed and high-contrast images, ZEISS trail cameras give you a glimpse into these hidden worlds and make it possible to reliably track individual animals and their movements. Thanks to their wireless capabilities and multi-network SIM card, you can view images and videos from anywhere – even at night and in bad weather.

Available in two models, the ZEISS Secacam 5 & 7 trail cameras give you instant access to your hunting ground.

Zeiss Seacam 7

ZEISS Seacam 7​​​

High detail recognition during the day and at night. Thanks to ZEISS quality

Delivering clear, vibrant images during an eclipse or in low-light conditions is a significant challenge for cameras of all types. But with the ZEISS Secacam trail cameras, you can see every movement in the field in greater detail and contrast than ever before.

The high-sensitivity motion sensor is always alert to trigger the infrared flash of the 60 black LEDs when motion is detected. While the flash is invisible to the animal, the light-sensitive photo sensor strikes, allowing you to observe the animals’ habitat unnoticed, both during the day in full, vibrant colour and at night in the form of an infrared image.

• Improved night imaging for even better detail recognition from a distance

• Faster shutter speeds at night for sharp images of moving objects

• Optimized images in daylight for even better detail recognition

Simple and Quick set-up – Just Plug and Play!

All ZEISS trail cameras come with the SD Card, SIM card and batteries already installed, so getting started couldn’t be easier.

Simply mount the camera in your chosen location, turn the camera on and connect it to the ZEISS Secacam App to personalise your settings and start receiving videos and images.

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Perfectly Connected – with the ZEISS Secacam App

No matter where you are, the ZEISS Secacams 5 & 7 will reliably and quickly alert you to new sightings thanks to stable image transfer – and always with ZEISS’ best-in-class image quality.

View the latest happenings in the forest directly on your smartphone via the dedicated app for Android and iOS.

It combines excellent image quality with fast data transfer, made possible by the use of the fast 4G network and multi-network SIM card, as well as state-of-the-art image compression.


Built to withstand the elements

Tougher than the harshest conditions – with the ZEISS Secacams 5 & 7, you’ll know what’s going on outside even in the worst weather and visibility conditions.

ZEISS trail cameras demonstrate their best-in-class quality particularly in the toughest weather conditions – the IP66 rated housing and high-precision seal protects the trail cameras from water and the rugged housing even withstands pouring rain and hail. Even heat and snowfall won’t affect the functionality of the trail cameras. This ability to withstand extreme conditions makes the ZEISS trail camera a faithful companion in the forest.

Zeiss trail camera

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