Ammunition is one of the core elements of the shooting experience.

Choosing the right load is key – and will depend on the gun being used, the level of shooting expertise, the quarry, the terrain and the target.

Is it best to buy online or visit a specialist supplier? Online is convenient but talking to somebody experienced could make a big difference to your shooting.

What are the laws on lead shot and steel shot? When should each be used?

Here our team of experts at Shooting UK give you the latest information on choosing and using the right ammunition, whether shotgun cartridges or air rifle pellets, with tips on storing, wearing and maintaining it safely.

We talk you through the best choices for clayshooting, gameshooting, pigeon shooting, wildfowling and stalking. What’s new on the market and which are the tried and tested favourites.

Being a responsible shooter also means being a safe shooter so we cover the safety rules when using ammunition too.

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clay pigeon shooting

The future of lead shot: the threats that lie ahead

Many thought that by leaving the European Union the UK would be freed from the shackles of mega-state bureaucracy and win back the ability to set its own laws. In short, paddle our own canoe again. Well … Yes, small gains have been made since we cast adrift from the…

Can you shoot heavyweight slugs in a legal-limit air rifle?

Before we answer the question of heavy slugs in a legal-limit air rifle, we need to consider slugs themselves. While air rifle slugs have been around for quite a few years, they seem to have enjoyed a massive boost in popularity recently, possibly because there seems to be a corresponding…

Best pellets for your airgun – how to pick the right one

In terms of best pellets, three things need to be considered before you can even begin to explore the accuracy you crave: pellet calibre, pellet types and pellet weights. In the UK, we are restricted to rifles with a muzzle energy of less than 12 foot pounds. If you want more power,…

steel vs lead cartridges

Steel vs lead cartridges: a pattern emerges

We now have the transition away from traditional lead shot that has served so well for so long and, I hope, will continue to do so, even if some areas are to be denied it. The topic chosen by Sporting Gun for me this month has been time-consuming, but it…

Testing shotgun ammunition – Richard Atkins shares his process

Shotgun ammunition performance is something that has interested me since my youth and still does. Some may not understand why this is so but therein is the key: the more testing you carry out, the more differences you will spot. You must then ponder why some cartridges perform differently from…

Steel shot vs lead shot – the hard facts about steel shot

Debate centred around steel shot vs lead shot is nothing new. When chatting with chums at the clay shooting club, or browsing internet shooting forums, it becomes clear that the current move away from lead shot for live quarry shooting is a hotly discussed topic. Somewhat surprising, given that we…

air rifle pest control

Best airgun pellets – our list of tried and tested picks

Airguns are prima donnas when it comes to ammunition. They’re fussy. Sometime it’s a matter of testing out a few brands before you find best airgun pellets for your particular rifle. The good news is that experimenting is reasonably affordable because airgun pellets aren’t a lot of money. (Read our…

Red stag

Finding the perfect calibre for deer

The UK is blessed to have a selection of deer species, both indigenous and introduced — and vitally important management of deer creates sporting opportunities all around the country. However, with species ranging from red stags weighing up to 190kg to a 10kg muntjac, having a suitable rifle for all…

24g shotgun cartridges

Best 24g shotgun cartridges: top picks for lightening the load

Most of us would be better off shooting 24g shotgun cartridges. The advantages of a lighter load are often underrated and misunderstood. In addition to costing less and producing lower recoil they give you better patterns. This is due to less damage being done to the pellets during ignition and…

small bore shotguns

Small bore shotguns: threatened by the demise of lead?

For the majority of us, our shooting journey is punctuated by different bore sizes. It is perhaps an accurate representation of our growth and development through life; we tend to strive to achieve bigger and better until old age sets in and we retract to comfort and contentment. Many young…

fleur-de-lys and CIP marks

Steel shot in old shotguns: time to make a decision?

I’m sure that by now most of you will have read at least one article regarding the demise of lead shot and its replacement with steel and other alternatives. And you will certainly have heard many opinions about the change, a change that is under way whether we like it…