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Can you tell me more about lead-free bullets?

A reader is curious. Bruce Potts offers some advice

lead-free bullets

The traditional Eley .22LR subsonic lead bullet and the lead-free CCI .22LR version

Q: I see CCI now makes lead-free .22LR ammunition. Can you tell me more?

A: The debate about the eco-friendliness of non-toxic ammunition continues. Lead-free .22LR ammo makes a lot of sense because a vast quantity of lead ammo is shot every year.

The trouble is the alternatives to lead are usually a lighter metal or sintered materia – for example, compressed copper as in this new CCI amoo – and is therefore much faster than standard 40gr .22LR ammo.

Over my chronograph the lead-free CCI ammo achieves a velocity of 1,842fps. This makes it loud and, in my guns, it is not particularly accurate.

Due to the light 21g bullet weight, it loses energy quickly – from muzzle to 30 yards teh velocity dropped from 1,842fps to 1,564fps.

I would like to see accurate subsonic lead-free bullets that are not too heavy and long so they stabilise in a normal .22LR barrel.