copper bullets

Are copper bullets the way forward?

Using copper bullets for stalking? But isn’t copper toxic?” 
asked a friend. He 
is a staunch defender of lead ammunition. In a discussion about centrefire rifle ammunition, I suggested he read Megan Rowland’s recent piece in Shooting Times. She gave a detailed account of using copper bullets for stalking and…

English classic gun

Is it time to buy an English classic gun?

Always wanted an English classic gun? If you are anticipating a drop in the price of English guns in the wake of the announcement that lead shot should be phased out over the next five years, and are considering taking advantage of the situation, there are some considerations you need…

pest cartridge

Cartridges and calibres for pest control

Wondering what is the best calibre for foxes? Rabbits? There are so many different species of pests – you can’t band together a rabbit and a fox – that you can’t have a single calibre for them all. So instead I am going to take a look at the various…

FAC Airwolf

Here’s why you should consider getting an FAC air rifle

A firearms certificate air rifle – known as an FAC air rifle – is over 12 ftlb in power meaning that the owner needs to have a Firearms Certificate to own one. If you’re already a conventional air rifle user and considering upgrading to something bigger you might be wondering…

how many shotgun cartridges in a slab

How to choose the right cartridge for your shotgun

All a shotgun cartridge has to do is propel shot towards the target to hit it cleanly. But with all the different makes and models around it can be confusing.  So how can you choose the right cartridge for your shotgun? What you need to consider The sort of gun…

preparing for the new season

All about accurate gun fit

If your gun fit is good then your shooting is more likely to be fluid and accurate. If it’s wrong, then the gun won’t point exactly where you want it to and your shooting may look tight and ‘snatchy’. Furthermore a badly fitting gun may cause bruising under the shooter’s…

clay pigeon shooting grounds near London

What’s a good budget shotgun for clayshooting?

The first thing to consider when buying a first clay gun It’s crucial that you buy a gun which fits you. Otherwise your shooting will suffer and you might as well not be out on the clay ground. If you’re buying your gun at a gunsmith’s they will check it…

Advice on storing a shotgun

How to service and store a shotgun at the end of the season

Storing a shotgun The usual way I care for my shotguns when I put them away at the end of the game season is as follows: Intermittently strip the gun. Make free with gun oil, drenching ejectors and breech so they look like the aftermath of a shipping disaster 

culling hinds

Lead alternatives for deer stalkers

Investigating lead alternatives for deer The lead versus non-toxic debate is nothing new to those of us actively involved in the management of deer. This isn’t going to be an in-depth technical analysis of the minutiae of bullet design. It is an insight into my experiences using various non-toxic rounds…

shotgun cleaning

Is it worth getting your gun serviced?

Shotgun cleaning Faced with a bill of just over £800 for putting his grubby old gun back together, a local sportsman wasn’t very receptive to my advice that it was a good idea to get it serviced at the end of each season, or every two at least. He asked…

sound moderator on a rifle

All about sound moderators

Sound moderators – or suppressors – are used to reduce the amount of noise and visible muzzle flash your firearm or air rifle generates when firing. Moderators are sometimes referred to as silencers, but this is misleading as you cannot completely silence the report of a high-velocity bullet. When the rifle…

trap shooting

Here’s what you should know about trap guns and trap shooting

A trap gun is designed for trap shooting and not much use for anything else. Trap guns are specifically designed for the discipline. Features of a trap gun Long barrels, usually at 32in, to help with a smooth and consistent swing High comb height which helps with shot placement and…

rifle accuracy checks

Things that affect rifle accuracy (and how to correct them)

Problems with rifle accuracy frequently frustrates rifle shooters. It’s not surprising really. A rifle is a fine precision instrument. Everything within it needs to work correctly. Many things can affect rifle accuracy. Some you can fix yourself, others you will have to bring to a gunsmith’s attention. Four things that…

gun oil selection

Don’t skimp on cleaning your gun

Choosing gun oil The world of product marketing is a murky one indeed, and for those of 
us on the receiving end it can often seem like the art of adding 
a word or two to justify extracting a few quid more. Unsolicited use of the word ‘artisan’ is an…

sell a shotgun privately

Where do stolen guns end up?

Should you find a Purdey under the bed when an aged relation shuffles off this mortal coil, there will be a few procedures to follow before you can safely consign it to your gun cabinet as its official new owner. The appearance of an unlicensed shotgun is not uncommon and…