All shooters should eat what they shoot and should know how to cook a few good game recipes.

Game is generally low in fat and cholesterol and of course it’s free range.

Gone are the days of hanging game for days – now the modern way is to eat pheasant and partridge on the day it’s been shot.

Not just roast pheasant

There are many different ways of cooking game and venison – it can be roasted, casseroled and makes the basis of some beautiful barbecues.

Recipes for all levels of cook

We’ve worked with several chefs to provide game cookery recipes for cooks at all sorts of levels – from novice to more experienced and there are recipes here suitable for Young Shots too, who haven’t done much cooking but want to enjoy eating the pheasant they shot earlier.

We’ve game recipes here to impress guests for a dinner party. Other dishes that are suitable when you’re short of time. We’ve also put together game recipes you can make from your store cupboard and ones that work well for a packed lunch.

It’s good to be able to enjoy game all year round from your freezer so we’ve also included instructions on the best ways to freeze game and wrap it so that it tastes delicious after the season is over.

The changing seasons will also change the way that game should be cooked – you’ll want to use seasonal vegetables and fruit so we have plenty of ideas for that too. Warming dishes for winter days and light, refreshing ideas for eating outside and at picnics.

  • Wild game is free from the hormones and other additives found in some farmed meats.
  • Wild game animals are free to roam and forage naturally, resulting in more interesting, full-flavoured meat. If you miss the way chicken used to taste, try pheasant or partridge for a more flavoursome alternative.
  • Several key game species, including rabbit, venison and wood pigeon, are a highly sustainable source of food as the animals need to be culled to keep population numbers in harmony with the environment and prevent damage to crops and trees.
  • Wild game is typically leaner than farmed meat.
  • Wild game is typically more nutritious and higher in protein than farmed meat.

facts about game meat

With thanks to Wild and Game, a Bristol-based company selling wild game across the UK for the above figures.

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