All shooters should eat what they shoot and should know how to cook a few good game recipes.

Game is generally low in fat and cholesterol and of course it’s free range.

Gone are the days of hanging game for days – now the modern way is to eat pheasant and partridge on the day it’s been shot.

Not just roast pheasant

There are many different ways of cooking game and venison – it can be roasted, casseroled and makes the basis of some beautiful barbecues.

Recipes for all levels of cook

We’ve worked with several chefs to provide game cookery recipes for cooks at all sorts of levels – from novice to more experienced and there are recipes here suitable for Young Shots too, who haven’t done much cooking but want to enjoy eating the pheasant they shot earlier.

We’ve game recipes here to impress guests for a dinner party. Other dishes that are suitable when you’re short of time. We’ve also put together game recipes you can make from your store cupboard and ones that work well for a packed lunch.

It’s good to be able to enjoy game all year round from your freezer so we’ve also included instructions on the best ways to freeze game and wrap it so that it tastes delicious after the season is over.

The changing seasons will also change the way that game should be cooked – you’ll want to use seasonal vegetables and fruit so we have plenty of ideas for that too. Warming dishes for winter days and light, refreshing ideas for eating outside and at picnics.

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pulled venison recipe creole style

Pulled venison recipe – Creole style

Pulled venison recipe – Creole style I would recommend using roe or fallow for this lip-smacking Creole-style pulled venison recipe. (Read here on which deer species offers delicious venison.) Ingredients…

Venison chops with blueberry sauce

Recipe for venison chops with blueberry sauce

Venison is often overlooked in the barbecue season, but venison sausages, steak or delicious slow-smoked shoulder can be tasty choices and muntjac makes exceptional venison burgers. The venison chops I…

Rabbit dumplings

A recipe for rabbit dumplings

Why rabbit dumplings? I have shot bolting rabbits before and often not had much success, but this day will stay with me as the rabbits were plentiful and the farmer…

rabbit burgers

Rabbit burgers

Cheese-filled bacon and rabbit burgers with brioche buns Ingredients 450g rabbit leg or shoulder, minced 150g unsmoked streaky bacon, minced 3 tsp finely chopped chives 60g grated mozzarella cheese 60g…

recipe for wild sea trout with crayfish

Recipe for wild sea trout with crayfish

The summer treat that is wild sea trout is one I’ve always anticipated with relish. The heavy restrictions on sea trout fishing in British rivers mean that a meal of…

venison haunch recipe

Venison haunch recipe with Cafe de Paris butter

Venison haunch recipe – pan roasted Ingredients For the butter: 250g unsalted butter, softened 2 tbsp ketchup 2 tSp French mustard 20g good-quality olive oil 1 tbsp shallots, finely chopped…

Venison ribs recipe

Recipe for glazed venison ribs

Glazed venison ribs recipe This venison ribs recipe is a take on a barbecued pork rib recipe that works really well with venison, and uses a cut that is under-utilised…

roast teal

Citrus-flavoured roast teal by Rose Prince

I have written before about the greatness of a wild mallard breast when perfectly cooked. Likewise, a teal in good condition is the epitome of delicacy. The meat is paler,…

venison shanks recipe

Venison shanks recipe

Now that the start of the roebuck season is here, I wanted to take the opportunity to share possibly my favourite venison shanks recipe. It’s one that fits firmly in…

game meatballs

A recipe for meatballs made with game

The best meat for game meatballs Whenever I use mixed game as dice for a stew or as meat to be minced, I look to the tough cuts that have…

venison stew Indonesian style

Recipe for a spicy venison stew

Game is perfectly adaptable for Indonesian dishes, as this venison stew will prove. Substituting chicken with pheasant or rabbit for satay works beautifully. A spatchcock partridge marinated in fragrant spices…

Scotch eggs

Recipe for quail Scotch eggs

This Scotch egg recipe made with quail is so ludicrously posh as a dish that it slightly offends my wishy-washy, lefty liberalism. But it tastes so good, looks so funky…

cooking rabbit garam masala

A recipe for a buttery rabbit dhal

This recipe for cooking rabbit is short, satisfying and partly stolen, or perhaps it would be better to say it’s inspired by a dish that appears in Rick Stein’s great…

venison snack recipe

A recipe for pulled venison nachos

Delicious venison snack recipe By now, you may have gathered that most of my recipes tend to be fast food or snack-style dishes and this one is no exception. It…