pigeon parcels

Pigeon parcels

These pigeon parcels are similar to a pasty, with the filling encased in pastry, but are made with puff pastry and are much lighter

Game recipes: Warm pigeon salad

Game recipes: Warm Pigeon salad: Top chef Mark prepares a seasonal, no nonsense game recipe using freshly shot pigeon which will really tickle your tastebuds, and it’s very easy to…

Game recipe: Partridge breasts on toast…

Game recipe: Partridge breasts on toast with red onion marmalade and blue cheese. Mark reckoned that after the excesses of Christmas he’d show us how to make a simple, quick…

Game recipe: Potted goose

Game recipes: Potted goose: This month he’s come up with a recipe for goose legs, and it’s a cracker!

deep fried squirrel

Deep fried squirrel

A recipe for deep fried squirrel with warm apple and hazelnut salad