Let them eat… pheasant

Plymouth families living below the poverty line will enjoy roast pheasant this Christmas thanks to the generosity of local shoots

pigeon parcels

Pigeon parcels

These pigeon parcels are similar to a pasty, with the filling encased in pastry, but are made with puff pastry and are much lighter

Game recipes: Warm pigeon salad

Game recipes: Warm Pigeon salad: Top chef Mark prepares a seasonal, no nonsense game recipe using freshly shot pigeon which will really tickle your tastebuds, and it’s very easy to…

Game recipe: Partridge breasts on toast…

Game recipe: Partridge breasts on toast with red onion marmalade and blue cheese. Mark reckoned that after the excesses of Christmas he’d show us how to make a simple, quick…

Game recipe: Potted goose

Game recipes: Potted goose: This month he’s come up with a recipe for goose legs, and it’s a cracker!