Trio of venison recipe

Trio of venison recipe

One of the great things about venison is you can do so much with each of the various cuts of lean and slender meat. With six species of deer in…

pigeon with chorizo

Pigeon with chorizo, peppers and feta cheese

If you have a freezer full of pigeon or you’ve just bagged a few in the hide, put them to good use with this delicious Mediterranean take on pigeon. Serve…

rabbit pasta

Rabbit pasta

Spring is a good time to shoot bunnies, so what could be a more fitting dish than this simple and delicious recipe for rabbit?

Roast Pheasant with orange and onion marmalade

Roast pheasant with orange and onion marmalade

This wonderfully easy pheasant recipe by Shaun Rankin matches beautiful flavours to make a delicious meal. The marmalade takes some time but can be made well in advance and stored.

Fallow venison steak recipe

Fallow venison steak recipe

What could be simpler than a fallow venison steak recipe? You certainly shouldn’t feel guilty for swapping your beef for venison, after all, it’s low in fat and as natural…

pigeon carpaccio

Pigeon carpaccio

This pigeon carpaccio recipe doesn't need cooking but requires at least 12 hours to marinate and needs to be frozen for an hour before serving

pasta recipes featuring fresh game

Wild game and pappardelle ragu recipe

Give wild game an extra zest with this unique wild game and pappardelle ragu recipe. This pasta dish, which can be used with any game meat, will serve four people…

rook pie

Rook pie recipe

Rook pie recipe: Top chef Mark prepares a seasonal, no-nonsense dish featuring young rooks in a pie.

Hunter’s sandwich

This hunter's sandwich, containing pigeon, grouse and venison, is not a lunch to be taken lightly