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Beretta 690 Field III

Jason Harris introduces the Beretta 690 Field III, the game-shooting cousin of the popular competition gun, the 692

Beretta 690 Field III

Beretta 690 Field III

Manufacturer: Beretta

Pros: Good value

Price as reviewed: £2,500

The new Beretta 690 Field III is really the game version of the Beretta 692, a competition gun that has been very well received by Jason Harris introduces the Beretta 690 Field II, the game-shooting cousing of the popular competition gun, the 692 which goes back to the late 1970s and is still the platform for the Silver Pigeon series.

The Beretta 690 Field III works on the same principles as the 680 — rebounding coil hammer springs, with sears set behind that are pulled down by levers as the trigger is pulled. The second barrel shot is set up by inertia.

Round cocking rods are located on either side of the action frame floor. These set the ejector trips when pushed forwards as the gun is fired. The ejector trip in the fore-end is a cleaver and a busy little part — it cocks the gun when it is opened, picks up the claw on the extractor so the gun can eject and is released so the ejector can ‘fire’ when the Beretta 690 Field III is opened. None of this is new — the principles are the same as the 680 action, though the shape of the parts have evolved slightly.

Beretta 690 Field III

Based on the same action as the 680, the Beretta 690 Field III’s second shot is set up by inertia

Extractors are inside the monoblock, making them less likely to break on the Beretta 690 Field III

The extractors themselves are deeper and are retained in their dovetails within the monoblock. This means they are stronger and less likely to break — though I’ve rarely seen a 680 extractor break. However, the ejectors can be switched off by turning their retainer to block their lift. This is a useful feature, certainly for wildfowling in low light where spent cases need to be picked up.

Interior design

Firing pins are both spring loaded and sit on top of one another in the vertical plane, but angle towards the top and bottom barrels respectively.

The top lever has a hold over mechanism for when the gun is open. The lever is released by a small button pushed in by the breech face of the barrels when the Beretta 690 Field III is closed. The safe is auto-return when the gun is opened, while the selector button is in the middle of the safe thumb-piece. The safe itself has been made bigger and with bigger serrations to provide more grip to push it forwards.

The monoblock barrels are made from Beretta’s Steelium material. The tubes are chrome lined to increase durablility. Steelium barrels are also lighter, which contributes to make the gun lighter as a whole and this has a positive effect on handling.

Chambers are 3in or 76mm with special steel shot proof. Bores are 18.6mm diameter.

Beretta 690 Field III

Rather than being connected by feet, the top rib has full contact with the barrel of the Beretta 690 Field III

The Beretta 690 Field III has solid side ribs and a ventilated 6mm top rib. The top rib is slightly different with a base that has full contact with the top barrel, rather than feet only.

Outwardly, the action frame has a new game scene engraving pattern that gives a full covering. The action has the conventional back shape where the stock meets it, rather than the wood sweeping into the action back as the Perennia. On the sides are raised panels, which give a classic look and work with the engraving.

The fore-end iron is finished black with Beretta’s black ceramic finish, which is extremely hard wearing. It has a spring mechanism within that gives an even pressure between barrels and knuckle. The drops at comb and heel are 38 and 60mm respectively. Cast is for right hand at 2mm — left hand stocks will be available.

The Beretta 690 Field III butt-end is finished with a Beretta micro core recoil pad, which provides excellent recoil absorption and can also be changed for other sizes to fine tune length of pull. The stock length of pull is 375mm including the pad with nicely figured walnut. The fore-end has a rounded nose and is a slim fit in the hand. Chequer patterns are laser-cut, but along traditional lines.

Verdict on the Beretta 690 Field III

Although part of a range of new models, the Beretta 690 Field III is very much a gun for the 21st century. It’s very well priced and I am sure will be very well received in the UK.

Beretta 690 Field III price:

Currently £2,500, but you may pick one up nearer to £2,400. This offers very good value for a gun with this many features.

Where to buy the Beretta 690 Field III:

Visit the Beretta website or contact their UK distributor, GMK


Very well priced