Beretta Silver Pigeon Classic shotgun review

The Beretta Silver Pigeon shotgun comes in many forms, is very popular and frequently the starter gun of choice, particularly with a booming second-hand market.

Here’s a round-up of all our features, reviews and questions on this classic.

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Beretta Silver Pigeons

The evolution of an Italian design classic

It’s one of the best-known, best-selling shotgun designs of all time, but does that make the Beretta Silver Pigeon or 68 series one of the best guns of all time? Gunmaking is a little like the industrial version of Darwin’s theory of natural selection. The most adaptable survive. The best…

Beretta Silver Pigeon III

Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III Field

Our  Verdict on the 687 Silver Pigeon III Field The original Beretta 687 
was an all-round gun — is there a place for an updated version in game shooting today? The success of Beretta’s 690 series of guns, both Field and Competition, means you would be forgiven for thinking that…

New Beretta Silver Pigeon 1

The new Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 reviewed by Shooting Times

The Beretta brand is not short of choice — with the 69 series alone we have models covering both field and competition options. These include the 691, 692, 693, the new 694 and the 695, covering a wide range of price points. As a consequence I was starting to think…

professional gun fitting with a try-gun

Will professional gun fitting help my shooting?

I would like to have the stock on my new Beretta Silver Pigeon professionally fitted because I don’t feel as though I am shooting as well with it as I should. I have never had a gun fitted before and wondered if you can you recommend a fitter with a…

second-hand gun for £1000 Beretta

How to choose a second-hand gun for £1000

Mike George’s buying advice for a second-hand gun for £1,000 The most common request I get from readers is advice on buying a first gun. It’s also one of the most common queries received on the forum section of our website. It all depends on the amount of money the…

Beretta Silver Pigeon

Beretta Silver Pigeon I 28 bore

Our current trend for increasingly pocket- bursting mobile telephones aside, the advancement of technology in recent years has also been an on-going march towards miniaturisation. From silicon chips being manufactured in nanometre thicknesses approaching single figures, to the humble vacuum cleaner taking up ever-decreasing space under the stairs, small is cool.…

Beretta Silver Pigeon I Sport 20 bore

Beretta Silver Pigeon I Sport 20 bore

Even those with only a passing interest in the world of shooting are likely to have heard of the Silver Pigeon. Indeed, my first proper shooting lesson after a childhood spent learning at my father’s elbow with my grandfather’s side-by-side was taken with Beretta’s most famous product – as I am…

Beretta Silver Pigeon 3 sporter shotgun

Beretta Silver Pigeon shotgun: Beretta have developed a knack of giving customers something new by simply twiddling and tweaking a proven winning formula.

Beretta Silver Pigeon

Beretta Silver Pigeon Classic

What are you getting for the money? The Beretta Silver Pigeon Classic is the most expensive gun in the current Silver Pigeon range, with the ‘1’ selling for around £1,500 and the Deluxe model for around £2000. Given all these guns are mechanically identical and so perform and shoot to…

Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade 1 Sporter

Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade 1 Sporter

If there is a problem with this gun, it’s that you get too much gun for the money. So not a problem at all really. This Beretta Silver Pigeon Grade 1 over-and-under shotgun represents amazing value – which is a result of the euro increasing the price of Italian guns…

Beretta Silver Pigeon Classic

The latest of Beretta's Silver Pigeon shotguns is billed as top of the line up and presents good value for money

Beretta Silver Pigeon Combo shotgun

Gun review: Beretta Silver Pigeon Combo: Jason reckons Beretta has hitting a winning combination with its two-in-one Silver Pigeon.

Italian shotguns

Italian shotguns

The most popular gun used in game shooting today is the over-under, whose style, balance and ease of use have pushed it ahead of the side-by-side in many a gun buyer’s mind.

Beretta Silver Pigeon 3 shotgun review

Gun reviews: Beretta Silver Pigeon 3 shotgun: This small-bore Silver Pigeon shotgun from Beretta is an excellent addition to any game shooter's range of guns.