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Perazzi MX2000 S

Matt Clark tests a top-end clay-buster at the EJ ChurchilL shooting grounds, but is the Perazzi MX2000 S worth the money?

Perazzi MX2000 S

Perazzi MX2000 S

Overall Rating: 96%

Manufacturer: Perazzi

Price as reviewed: £10,778

Perazzi has earned its place in shooting folklore. Since the 1950s the Italian company has built shotguns that combine traditional gunsmithing with high technology. Used by shooters such as George Digweed and Olympic medallists like Peter Wilson and Steven Scott, these shotguns have attained an elite reputation, yet the company stays close to Daniele Perazzi’s founding dream of creating a perfect gun that was in the reach of ordinary shooters.

The cost per use of the Perazzi MX2000 X

At £10,778 this gun with SC2 walnut might not be affordable to those of us on the average wage. That’s not to say that the MX2000 S is not worth that amount of money. After all, Sporting Gun’s Peter Theobald had a Perazzi for more than 40 years, using it every day for clay as well as pigeon shooting. The fact that it lasted such a long time with continual use is a testament to the solid construction of these guns. And if you 
work that out at a cost of around £270 
per year, then you put the price in a bit 
more perspective.

Perazzi MX2000 S

Grade SC2 walnut featured on the test gun

Touch of class

The designation, MX2000 S, is inlaid with gold lettering on the sidewalls of the black action, with the ‘S’ signifying non-detachable trigger group. It is a claybuster through and through with 32in barrels and ventilated ribs. The stock shape is new with a more open grip and a thinner comb. Some won’t like the thinner grip (preferring more of a ‘handful’) but it gives good control of 
the gun. Chokes on the gun I tested were fixed with light ¾ and light full. If you were to buy the gun, these chokes could be opened out.

Perazzi MX2000 S

The selector toggle and safety is user-friendly

At just over 8lb the MX2000 S could be described as fairly hefty. On aim, however, the gun feels as light as a feather, largely because the balance point is on the hinge. Perazzis are famed for their handling and the Perazzi MX2000 S is no exception.

  • The monoblock barrels are deeply blued and nicely finished.
  • The rib tapered from 11-7mm and was finished with a fibre-optic sight bead. Some will find this a distraction, but it can easily be removed.
  • The receiver is the usual Perazzi fare inspired by Boss with the inner action walls having draws and wedges making a super strong lock-up.
  • Unlike some other Perazzis the trigger unit is not detachable; the action is also powered by coil springs rather than leaf springs. 
Some shooters prefer traditional leaf springs in the belief that it gives a more refined trigger-pull. But others would argue that under the stress of competition, such ‘niceties’ are overlooked and unnecessary. Leaf springs are available on other Perazzi models that have ‘drop out’ trigger groups.
Perazzi MX2000 S

Chokes are fixed but can be opened up

Famed for reliability

This is a gun that is stripped down to the essentials. Like a sports car, money has been spent on what matters – the ‘engine’ and the handling. True, the MX2000 S has beautiful dark wood, which contrasts nicely with the black action, but what really matters is raw performance and reliability.

Perazzi is famed for reliability and handling and the MX2000 S is no exception. Even with long barrels the gun felt agile as they carried it through the swing nicely. The heft of the gun was not noticeable when shooting because the balance and handling was so good. This is something that Perazzi excels at and has made the brand a favourite among competitive shooters.

The length of pull at 15in was just about right for me and the height of the comb was good, which also made the handling of the gun particularly sweet for me. Guns with other stock dimensions are imported into the UK and length of pull can be adjusted to need.

As you would expect the trigger felt very nice and with a trigger pull weight of 3.5lb it was on the light side, but many competition shooters prefer a trigger set up like that.

My shooting prowess over the last year has taken a bit of a kicking with me missing more targets than I’ve been hitting. But with the Perazzi and help from Stuart, the instructor at E.J. Churchill, I was putting in some pretty impressive shooting with the Perazzi. Having shot relatively well I was beginning to really like this gun and as Stuart said: “Perazzis sell themselves. Once you’ve tried one, you won’t want anything else.”


Perazzi MX2000 S

Perazzi pays close attention to the barrels

Editor’s verdict

  • Having tested a number of Perazzis in close succession they all have the same qualities.
  • The sign of build quality whether in a car or a gun is how consistent a product feels when tested alongside its stablemates.
  • Perazzi has got quality control down to a fine art. Pick up any of its guns and you can be sure that it’s reliable, handles superbly and has a sweet trigger pull.
  • If you are a competition shooter, you want uniformity and reliability because this will allow you to concentrate on the target.
  • The MX2000 S is typical of a Perazzi in that you know you are getting a gun that has been made with passion and a deep understanding of shooting.
  • If you have the money  the Perazzi MX2000 S will be an investment you won’t regret.

Scores on the doors

Build quality: 25/25
Handling: 25/25
Styling 22/25
Value for money: 23/25

TOTAL: 95/100

In detail

Weight: 8.1lb
Barrel: 32in
Length of pull: 15in
Drop: 1 3/8in at comb and 2in at heel
Rib: ventilated top and mid