Looking to buy an affordable Sporter that's proven? Then the Miroku MK38 is a gun you should investigate.

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Miroku MK38


  • Well-built, reliable, balanced and competitive


  • Time for Miroku to put their guns into ABS travel cases


Miroku MK38


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I can’t describe the Miroku MK38 as a new gun. However after a series of solid improvements giving it an upgraded multi-choke system, back bored barrels to reduce recoil and the addition of three-inch chambers I decided it was worth revisiting.

Back in the 1970s Sporting shooters were pretty much restricted to using Skeet and Game guns but some felt they could be more competitive with long-barrelled trap guns.

Soon they were flattening off the stock on the standard Miroku 3800 trap gun to make it shoot to the point of aim, rather than high. At the same time, the chokes were opened out from ¾ and full to something more suitable for Sporting ranges.

Yet it wasn’t until the Miroku MK60 and MK70 Sporters arrived back in the 1980s that the MK38 actually saw light of day.

Miroku MK38 engraving

Demand from shooters

It arrived as a result of demand from shooters for a responsive but heavier and steadier gun for Sporting. Miroku answered this demand by putting a Sporter stock onto what, in effect, was a trap action and barrels.  In fact they simply made the stock to the same dimensions as the MK60 and 70 Sporters – 14.7/8in length of pull, drops at comb and heel of 1.1/2in and 2.1/4in along with a slight cast at heel.

Miroku MK38 action

The latest Miroku MK38 sticks to those dimensions and it still comes in 30in or 32in barrel lengths with 10mm ventilated top rib. What has changed are the barrels which are now back bored to 18.8mm and fitted with the Browning Invector Plus choke system . So why is the gun called the MK38 Sporter Teague?

Well, Nigel Teague’s name has been put on the gun because he helped develop the choke tubes supplied with it.

The Miroku MK38 comes with three Teague chokes, two Browning-style flush fit tubes and keys to fit both designs.

Its overall weight is  8lb 2oz but the excellent balance hides this very well.



A proven winner of a gun. It’s well balanced, steady to shoot and the chokes and boring means it produces top quality patterns.

However I do think it is time Miroku put their guns into ABS travel cases. Guns costing less than this come in an ABS case as standard.

The Grade One model is a bit ‘grey’ on styling – however the Grade Three or Five would rate more highly as they are better-looking.


Build quality        22/25

Handling              20/25

Styling                 15/25

Value for money  22/25


Total                     79/100



A proven winner