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Tikka T1x UPR .22 LR

Built with the same quality as its big brother, the T3x, Tikka's new rimfire model is a superb hybrid vermin/target rifle, says Bruce Potts

Tikka T1x UPR .22LR

Tikka T1x UPR .22 LR

Overall Rating: 90%

Manufacturer: Tikka

Price as reviewed: £965

Since its introduction three years ago, the rimfire version of Tikka’s centrefire T3x, the T1x, has been a huge success. This is partly due to the price point but more importantly due to its consistent accuracy and dependability.

Now the T1x has undergone a makeover with the Tikka T1x UPR — or Ultimate Precision Rifle — format by utilising the UPR stock from its big brother. T1x barrelled actions will fit any T3x stock or aftermarket offerings, so this improves what has always been a standard synthetic stock on the T1x to a far better handling, lighter and rigid construction.

Tikka T1x UPR .22LR

Rugged and tactile, built from rigid yet lightweight materials, Tikka’s UPR – Ultra Precision Rifle – is a delight to take hunting

The adjustable cheekpiece and use of tough yet lightweight materials are key elements to this rifle. Priced accordingly at £965, this rimfire is capable of extended range, boasts vastly improved handling characteristics and is a delight to take hunting thanks to its rugged tactile exterior and light weight. As such, the UPR is a hybrid vermin/target rifle. Owners of Tikka T3x model rifles will appreciate the familiar smooth bolt action, reliable detachable box magazine and Tikka’s build quality.

Tikka T1x UPR .22LR

The T1x benefits from a low, smooth bolt lift and a precise single-stage trigger

There is a calibre choice of .22 LR or .17 HMR with barrel options of 508mm/19.75in or 406mm/16in with a ½in UNF or UNEF thread pitch for sound moderator’s fitment.

The whole concept of this rifle is, as its name suggests, to produce a rimfire rifle capable of not only superb and consistent long- range accuracy but to handle like a centrefire and feel like a featherweight. Tikka’s T1x UPR certainly achieves that.

Box magazine on rifle

The 10 shot box magazine is always reliable

Need to know

  • Manufacturer Tikka
  • Model Tikka T1x UPR
  • Type Bolt action
  • Overall length 38in
  • Barrel length 19.75in, threaded ½in UNF
  • Calibre .22 LR, .17 HMR available
  • Finish Blued steel
  • Weight 2.7kg (5.95lb)
  • Magazine Detachable 10 shot
  • Stock Carbon fibre/fibreglass blended stock with adjustable cheekpiece
  • Trigger Single stage, adjustable
  • Safety Two-position side-lever type
  • Sights None, 11mm dovetails for scope mount
  • Importer GMK, 01489 579999
  • Price £965

Tikka T1x UPR – in depth

This model is all about the UPR stock that’s been inletted for the T1x rimfire action with an additional barrel channel filler piece yet still retains a floated barrel for enhanced accuracy. The crucial part is found internally, as its lightweight nature stems from the use of fibreglass for strength and lightness, while the bedding has an extra layer of carbon fibre to stiffen the area and enhance accuracy further.

I like the adjustable cheekpiece, which can be set to suit your scope height via a quick-to-operate single-adjustment wheel on the right of the stock. The cheekpiece itself is extra rigid due to more glass fibre material applied to stop it twisting.

The exterior finish is grey with black speckles and has an extra grip surface for additional hold, which is very practical. A nice ambidextrous lower hook aids grip in any hold. Length of pull can be adjusted by extra spacers behind the rubber recoil pad and quick detachable (QD) sling push-in attachments, as well as standard QD studs, cater for slings and bipods as you like.

The cold hammer-forged matt-blued barrel on this model is 19.75in long. A 16in option is available but both utilise a 1-in-16.5in rifling twist rate to shoot all common rimfire ammunition accurately. It’s nicely profiled with a straight taper to 0.728in muzzle diameter and screw cut for ½ UNF moderator fitment, and well crowned too for optimal accuracy.

The T1x all-steel action with 11mm dovetails for scope mounting has the familiar T3x profile. The stainless-steel bolt typically locks at the rear with a single claw extractor in the bolt face and action-mounted ejector spur, so cartridge feeding and ejection is assured.

I like the fast cycling and straight tactile bolt handle with its low 60-degree bolt lift and small red cocking indicator that protrudes from the bolt shroud.

Sensibly, the magazine and trigger-guard are made from polymer to resist rusting in use and when you lay the rifle on wet grass out rabbiting. The magazine has a 10-shot capacity, allowing ample firepower, and its scalloped base means it is easily removable.

Finally, the single-stage trigger, which has a light 3.85lb pull, is crisp and the side-lever safety allows for simple and silent operation in the field.

Tikka T3x

Tikka T3x

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The Tikka T1x UPR is a very tactile and effortless rimfire to shoot; it almost guides itself with great poise and balance. Accuracy and reliability are not in doubt and, though it’s a price increase from the standard T1x models, the stock upgrade is worth it. This T1x rimfire now has a stock to match the excellent accuracy of this rifle — perhaps a thumbhole design one day?

  • Accuracy 19/20  Accurate with a wide range of rimfire ammunition’
  • Handling 19/20 Effortless to hold and intuitive to shoot
  • Trigger 18/20 Good adjustable trigger with crisp release
  • Stock 19/20 Super-light, durable and ergonomic design
  • Value 18/20 The price reflects the excellent UPR ethos
  • Overall score 92/100 The stock matches the excellent accuracy
Tikka T1x UPR .22LR

The T1x UPR is lightweight even with a scope, making it a great all-round rimfire for field use

In the field

I fitted the supplied Stalon RC moderator and Burris Droptine scope and started testing first with the reduced loads, CB Long and Z Lang. These fed reliably through the magazine and were spectacularly quiet, in part due to the low velocities of 744fps/36ft/lb and 825fps/44ft/lb respectively. They would make nice grey squirrel rounds. CCI’s segmented lead hollowpoints shot great 0.65in 50-yard groups at 1,067fps for 101ft/lb energy. A safe all-round rabbit load.

The lead-free Norma Eco Power-22 shot 1,527fps with its 24-gr bullet for 124ft/lb and 0.85in groups. Eley 38-gr subsonics are consistently accurate and quiet, with sub-0.5in groups at 50 yards.

I love the new SK Match long-range rimfire rounds. They are designed specifically for longer-range use so suit the UPR’s credentials with sub-MOA (minute of angle) groups at 100 yards. Crows beware.

In the field, with scope and moderator fitted, the T1x only weighed 3.23kg (7.1lb). The stock’s extra-grippy surface meant the rifle stayed reassuringly steady in the aim despite the wet and cold conditions, which inspired some longer shots. It’s also built to be used so a few tight crawls through hedgerows and bracken aren’t going to harm this UPR.

The adjustable cheekpiece helps align the eye to the scope correctly. Having a few bipod sling attachment points meant rabbits off the sticks and from a bipod while prone with the Eley subsonics were easy.