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Will a sound moderator fit two different rifles?

Bruce Potts gives his advice and also some tips on sound moderator thread care

sound moderator fit

You can use the same moderator on both rifles, but make sure it has a baffle stack with an internal diameter for the larger bullet size.

Sound moderator fit query

Q: I have two rifles (.243 and .222) that I am going to get threaded for a sound moderator. To keep costs down I’m thinking about the T8 Reflex Suppressor. Could the one sound moderator be used on both rifles?

A: Yes, you certainly can use the same sound moderator on both rifles because both are similar in calibre size – the .222 Rem uses a 0.224in/5.56mm bullet and the .243 Win cartridge uses a 0.243in/6mm bullet. Not only will it be cost effective but your firearms enquiry officer will be happy too.

Baffle stack

You must make sure, however, that the sound moderator has a baffle stack – that is, where the bullet passes through – with an internal diameter for the larger .243 bullet size so when fitted to the .222 you still have clearance, not the other way around. It is usually good to match the moderator size of the calibre for best noise reduction and efficiency, but a big T8 Reflex in the larger .243 calibre would be more than good enough as a sound moderator for the .222 Rem because that cartridge uses less powder anyway.

Make sure the muzzle threads are the same for both rifles because the T8 has a fixed thread cut to the moderator. There is also a rear bush to the T8 that supports it over the barrel and if both your rifles have a different barrel diameter you will need to order two, as they can be unscrewed easily.

Sound moderator thread care

With attention your sound moderator and rifle can have a happy union. Here’s a step-by-step guide to maintaining the all-important thread.

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