Prices from under £50 to up to £710

Gun slips are an essential accessory for shooters. Not just to protect the gun but to keep you and your shooting companions safe and remaining within the law. Guns should always be transported in a gun slip and always be in a gun slip if they’re not broken or aiming at the target.

gun slips

Carry guns in slips muzzle down

The correct way of carrying a gun in its slip

The slipped gun should be carried with the muzzles down. Gun slips are designed with a reinforced muzzle end where the zip stops. The other end is secured with a zip or buckle. It is also good practice to open your gun before removing it completely from the slip. Once out, the barrels should be checked to ensure they are clear. When putting a gun into a slip, check the barrels are clear and then slide the barrels in and conduct a final check of the breech to make sure it is empty, before closing the gun and lowering the rest of the gun in. Then it goes over your shoulder with the muzzles down.

Jack Pyke shotgun slip

Jack Pyke shotgun slip

1. Jack Pyke shotgun slip £49.50

A strong and sturdy cotton canvas slip that comes in three different colours; brown, green and sand. Leather straps and padding.

Air Arms gun slip

Air Arms gun slip

2. Air Arms from £50

This range of gun slips are available in both full length and bullpup, featuring an adjustable carry handle and over-the-shoulder straps for comfort and freedom of movement. A front storage compartment also provides a space for accessories.

Beretta Light Transformer Range gun slip 

Beretta Light Transformer range gun slip

3. Beretta Light Transformer range gun slip  £94.95

Here’s a rugged look. This stylish lightweight range from Beretta includes two gun slips of different lengths, 49″ or 54″.   Antishock padding and extra EVA protection.

Harkila Skane Rifle Case

Harkila Skane rifle case £129.99

4. Harkila Skane rifle case £129.99 

Here’s a case that can be carried rucksack-style if you wish. A good quality rifle case with leather trim and a strong two-way zip. Will fit a large rifle with scope, bi-pod and moderator fitted.


Albion England full zip gun slip in canvas and leather

5. Albion England gun slip in forest green canvas, £159.99

British shooters should always try and support local industry and this gun slip is made in England. Featuring water-resistant canvas and a resilient leather trim.  A fleece lining neatly encases the gun. Total inside length 50″.

Saint Hubert gun slip

Saint Hubert gun slip £180

6. Saint Hubert gun slip £180

Made from leather and plenty of thick internal foam, this is the premier class of gun slips. Two versions available to suit rifles and shotguns.


Canvas Shotgun slip by Rigby

7. John Rigby shotgun slip £299

Carefully designed to protect your shotgun, this durable canvas shotgun slip is available in classic Rigby blue. Handmade using canvas and leather , it is unlined so that it can be rolled up and neatly packed away. Available in three barrel lengths: 28-inch, 30-inch and 32-inch.

Albioin Sporting gun slip

Albion Sporting Choco gun slip

8. Albion England leather gun slip in Choco £549.00

Sound leather that will stand up years out in the field. You can have initials embossed at no extra charge.

Croots Byland leather double gun slip

Croots Byland leather double gun slip

9. Croots Byland leather double gun slip £706

Set to be an heirloom, this is made from the finest leather hides. A masterpiece.