The Editor of Shooting Times picks out the latest and best wildfowling kit to hit the market

Wildfowling gear has benefitted greatly from advances in materials technology in recent years.

Decoy bags are now much lighter and easily washed than those of 30 years ago and neoprene has revolutionised that piece of essential wildfowling gear, waders. Jackets can now be windproof, waterproof and breathable as well as warm.

Here are five items new to the market that deserve consideration.

Wildfowling gear

duck decoys

Dakota X-Treme packable mallard


Dakota X-Treme packable mallard RRP 69.99

These decoys are just the thing for the foreshore this upcoming season. They are lightweight, collapsible and packable, making it much easier to transport them to and from your chosen wildfowling shooting spot. Designed with a weighted keel and painted with a superb likeness to the bird, this key piece of wildfowling kit is sure to aid you in your outings.

decoy bag

Duck decoy bag

Duck decoy bag RRP £15.99

This 120-litre bag is an absolute bargain. With one large compartment for your decoys, it also has two zipped side pockets, one small front pocket and a cartridge strip for quick access if you need one. The material is tough and waterproof and will stand you in good stead this season.

wildfowling gear waders

Allen Neoprene Chest Hi waders


Allen Neoprene Chest Hi waders RRP £179.99

These brand new camouflaged waders are perfect for cold weather conditions due to their insulated rubber boots and 3.5mm neoprene construction. The waders also feature a very spacious hand-warmer pocket and an additional storage pocket for your valuables.

Wildfowling gear jacket

Deerhunter Muflon jacket

Deerhunter Muflon jacket RRP £379.99

The Muflon is packed with all the top-of-the line features you could ever need from a wildfowling jacket. It has insulation embedded throughout and a membrane to protect you from water and wind. The jacket also features a detachable hood and useful extra-large cartridge pockets.

duck call

Flambeau Lohman duck call


Flameau Lohman duck call RRP £12.99

This call is easy to use and ideal for a wildfowler planning to take up calling for the first time this coming season. It emits a realistic call and weighs next to nothing so is easy to carry. There is also a matching goose call available.

Top tip for keeping wildfowling cartridges

Wildfowler Tom Sykes advises: “Saltwater marshes and cartridge heads don’t mix. Exposure to even the tiniest bit of wet or damp will kick-start the rusting process leading to a range of different gun malfunctions from misfires to jamming. To avoid this place wildfowling cartridges into re-sealable plastic bags. These will stop salt water getting to the brasses, it also makes it easier to remove the bag from your coat so that the brasses can be cleaned. It also prevents the writing on cartridges from rubbing off so you always know exactly what you are feeding into the chamber.”


It’s well worth going through a thorough cleaning routine at the end of every February to protect your shooting gear and keep it in the best condition for the following season.

Make sure everything is clean and dried and checked for wear and tear before being packed away for storage (away from nibbling rodents). Wash calls, coats, lanyards, waders, bags and hides.