Wellies are an essential bit of kit for a shooter and anybody else who spends time outside

When the rain comes down and the mud starts churning up you’ll be looking for the best shooting wellies you can find. Sturdy, robust footwear that won’t slip on wet ground, will let you walk dry footed through streams and over ploughed fields. Footwear you can just hose off after wearing.

Shooting boots are ideal for drier days ( read our list of the best shooting boots here) but in a downpour you’ll need your wellies to hand. You’ll also need a good shooting jacket.

We looked out some pairs of rubber wellies with decent soles, that are well made, adjustable for wider calfs and in different price brackets. Here’s what we found. (For our best Black Friday deals on wellies see here.)

Our list of best shooting wellies

1. Burford insulated boot by Ariat £150

Burford Ariat boots

Best for year-round comfort

  • Lining: Neoprene
  • Composition: Waterproof rubber
  • Colours: Olive
  • Sizes: 7-12
  • Weight: 800g

+ Excellent grip

+ Sturdy

+ Adjustable strap

– Relatively expensive

These boots have a shock absorbing sole so you’ll hardly notice that you’re moving between hard and soft ground. In winter your feet will stay warm thanks to the – 10°C comfort rating whilst the moisture-wicking footbed will keep your feet cool and dry in warmer weather.


2. Seeland Men’s Noble Boots £120.09

Noble zip boots

Best for walking in sticky mud

  • Lining: Neoprene
  • Composition: Waterproof rubber
  • Colours: Dark Olive
  • Sizes: 7-13.5
  • Weight: 1196g

+ Excellent grip

+ Zip assists removal

– No wide fit option

These boots make it easy to walk across wet, muddy and icy surfaces, with innovative mud-release channels. They have neoprene insulation to keep your feet warm and comfortable, and reinforced uppers for when you are wading through brambles in search of a good roosting spot.


3. Aigle Men’s Benyl M Wellington Boots £80.89

Benyl wellington boots

Best for comfort

  • Lining: Polyamide
  • Composition: Rubber
  • Colours: Green khaki
  • Sizes: 6-15
  • Weight: 1926g

+ Lugged sole

+ Adjustment strap

+ Three width fittings

Light and durable, the Benyl boot is designed for intensive outdoor use. The lugged sole gives great grip, while it is also smart enough to complement your best pair of breeks. Among the Shooting Times team, Aigles are fast becoming the go-to wellington boot.


4. Hunter Balmoral from £98 

Hunter Balmoral Boots

Best for shooters who also go to festivals

  • Lining: Polyester
  • Composition: Rubber
  • Colours: Green olive
  • Sizes: 6-14

+ Heavyweight sole

+ Adjustment strap

-Hunter has lost fans in recent years

A classic out in the field, this is a true all-terrain boot. Made from heavy duty rubber, with the celebrated buckle feature, chunky set sole and high traction stitching.


Muckboot classic chore boots

Best for all-round use

  • Lining: Mesh
  • Composition: Rubber
  • Colours: Green moss
  • Sizes: 3-14

+ Reinforced toe

+ No slip grip

– Not the most stylish-looking

These boots are real workhorses designed to be worked to their absolute limit, so if you’re a gamekeeper or part of a DIY syndicate where elbow grease comes as standard then you should definitely consider these for one role or another. Firm favourites in the best wellies list.


Le Chameau

Best for smart credentials

  • Lining: Neoprene
  • Composition: Rubber
  • Colours: Green
  • Sizes: 6-15

+Shock absorbing

+ Adjust to fit wider calves

– Expensive

Recently road-tested by the editor of Sporting Gun: “I was standing still on frozen ground for hours and my feet were still warm. Definitely some of the best wellies for shooting I have tried.” Excellent grip, a buckle fitting that allows adjustment and outer rubber allows the boot to flex easily. Features like a choice of calf sizes justify the boot’s relatively high price tag.