Graham Downing

Graham Downing

Graham Downing is an independent shooting consultant with 50 years of practical experience in the use of shotguns and rifles across all areas of shooting sports. Appointed in 2019 as Secretary of the British Shooting Sports Council, he is responsible for co-ordinating political lobbying across Britain’s major shooting associations over firearms control issues. A keen deer stalker, wildfowler, game and rough shooter, Graham has been a regular contributor to Shooting Times for more than 30 years.

how well can deer see?

Frost still clung to the grey carpet of oak leaves that clothed the forest floor. My breath hung around me in wreaths and you could cut the silence with a…

lock, stock and barrel on shotgun

Q: When a person lends a shotgun to a non-certificate holder on 
a private shoot, must the gun be 
on their certificate? Loans of shotguns and gun lending on private…


Learning how to call muntjac deer can be a deadly tactic but you need a strategy, stealth and a good call, writes Graham Downing

over and under shotgun

Some months after my father passed away the police told my mother that because his shotgun certificate had lapsed she should hand his gun to the local gun shop.

Muntjac in gardens

Deer have moved into my area and are coming into the garden, damaging plants and vegetables. How high a fence will I need to keep the little ******* out?

A-Z guide to shooting terms

Q: Having just taken up the pastime of clayshooting 
(the skeet discipline), and having more than a passing interest 
in gameshooting, I find I am bamboozled by the choice of…

cartridge safety rules

Reloading your shotgun cartridges is popular in places like America but nobody in the UK (with the possible exception of a few wildfowlers) seems to bother. Why is this?

shooting abroad

Can I take gun cartridges on a plane? Q: I have been invited to 
shoot in Northern Ireland and I will be travelling by air. What are the rules about…