If you're warm, dry and comfortable, you're going to shoot better. But different weather means you're going to have different clothing needs. So we've picked out a selection of shooting coats and jackets, in a variety of price ranges, that will fit the seasons.

Shooting jackets vary perhaps more than any other item of shoot clothing, both in terms of price and in terms of functionality. Here it’s vital to ask not just what you will pay for your coat, but what you’ll want your coat to do for you. If you simply want to keep out the cold while standing still on a peg, it’s a relatively basic matter. However if you need more, you’ll probably have to spend more.

Of course you want to look good but flexibility, warmth and concealment are all desirable. GORE-TEX® has revolutionised shooting kit in recent years.

Here are a selection of shooting jackets and coats out on the market at the moment  – for tweed shooting coats, click here.

Ridgeline shooting jacket

1. Ridgeline Pro-Hunt jacket £124.99

For the price, this is a superb beating jacket, designed in digital camouflage (also comes in a plain olive) and well protected. It is perfect for pushing through wet undergrowth and will keep you warm during those chilling winds with its waterproof and windproof membrane.


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  4. 4. 6. Musto Stretch Technical Gore-Tex Tweed jacket £595
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