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So you’ve been invited shooting – perhaps for the first time and you want to make sure you are dressed appropriately for the field.

What you need to remember is that at heart shooting clothing is intensely practical. You may think tweeds look formal and stuffy but in fact tweed is the original performance fabric.

Wearing the right kit is all part of having a good day out in the field.

But as well as looking stylish and appropriate, you need to think about being comfortable and safe. Follow our advice below and you won’t go far wrong.

what to wear game shooting

This shooter seems the part but look closely: he doesn’t have any ear protection. Very amateurish and a failure of the shooting safety rules.

Top tips for what to wear shooting

  • Check the dress code with your host – the day may be formal or relatively informal. Ask about suitable footwear and headwear too. Don’t worry about doing this – you will be respected for asking. It’s good manners.
  • Guns usually wear brown or green clothing, which may or may not be tweeds.
  • Ear protection is a must
  • Tweed caps are popular but you’ll see other headwear on the shooting ground too
  • Practical footwear. You can wear welly boots, boots with gaiters or brogues. It depends on the ground, how wet and muddy it is and whether you’re walked-up shooting or driven shooting.
  • In early autumn you can have some warm shooting days – particularly if you’re walking up shooting when you’ll be doing a fair bit of exercise. Choose layers that you can discard – shooting in a shirt and tie and taking off your jacket is quite acceptable on a warm day. Or maybe just wear a shooting vest over a shirt and tie.

Protect your ears

Not wearing ear protection is quite simply stupid because you’re risking your hearing. Moulded earplugs, electronic ear defenders or disposable ear plugs are all options. If it’s cold, think about a hat with flaps to keep your ears warm.

Scottish gamekeepers in their tweeds

Scottish gamekeepers in their tweeds


A tweed flat cap never looks out of place in the field.

Farlows Summer twill Tattersall shirt

Farlows Tattersall shirt


If you want to be traditional you need to wear a green or brown check shirt. On the grouse moor opt for darker colours to avoid being seen by the birds.

shooting on grouse moor

The grouse moor calls for dark colours. Note the lady’s hat – you don’t have to wear a tweed cap you know.


In general a tie is expected on a formal shoot. Think of it as a chance to show off your individuality.

Shooting ties

A tie is a must at a formal shoot day

Musto Lightweight Tweed Shooting Vest

Musto lightweight tweed shooting vest

Shooting vest/waistcoat

If you’re on a formal shoot, many Guns will be wearing a three piece tweed suit with matching breeks or trousers, waistcoat and jacket.

grouse shooting shirt

Grouse shirt by Campbells of Beauly


You’ll be game shooting mostly during the winter so make sure your coat is warm and waterproof. When buying a shooting jacket, make sure you have enough movement to swing your gun. You’ll also want a jacket with deep pockets to keep some cartridges.

Butler Stewart waterproof shooting coat in bullfinch

Butler Stewart waterproof shooting coat in bullfinch


A cartridge bag is essential. Run out of cartridges and it’s game over. You might also like to have a cartridge belt.


On a formal shoot, you should wear tweed breeks or trousers. At less formal shoots, you can wear moleskin trousers.

Gaiters for shooting

Gaiters will keep the wet and ticks out and protect your shins and socks from scratches


If you’re walking over moorland then these are a must. Read our guide to gaiters here.

Stocks/stockings with garter

Wear long socks with stockings, tied with garters to stop them falling. Here’s how to wear your shooting socks correctly.

shooting socks


The best bet is shooting boots with good ankle support, as this will suit you on uneven ground as well as flat earth.

Tweed jackets by Campbells of Beauly

Tweed jackets by Campbells of Beauly

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