Comfortable, stylish, practical, breathable and waterproof - some options for men and women.

Breeks are a classic piece of shooting kit.

Whether you want shooting breeks in moleskin or tweed, with a new style storm cuff or a more traditional buckle, we’ve found them.

Here are some of the best shooting breeks around, in different price brackets.

What are breeks and what are plus-fours?

The word breeks is Scottish for breeches. How do breeks differ from plus-fours? Well, as the name suggests, plus-fours have a further four inches of material for the knee fold and a wider, baggier fit.

So why wear breeks? Plenty of people wear trousers for shooting, so why do we still need to put on breeks?

Liam Bell, chairman of the National Gamekeepers Organisation comments: “Breeks and their more traditional predecessors, plus-twos and plus-fours, were made of wool (tweed) because there wasn’t anything more waterproof or available at the time. In the case of plus-fours, the extension 4in below the knee was added to aid movement when walking and to keep them away from the leg when wet. Modern breeks don’t do much of either, which is why I am a fan of plus-twos and plus-fours. Wearing them on a shoot day is traditional, though no one has to do so, and many don’t.

“Tweed trousers had a surge in popularity a few years ago, but I am seeing fewer people wear them now — most seem to be sticking to breeks or plus-twos and fours. Ultimately, what someone wears on a shoot day is up to them, and no one will mind in the least bit what is chosen, as long as what they are wearing is clean and tidy.”


Hoggs of Fife moleskin shooting breeks

1. Moleskin shooting breeks by Hoggs of Fife RRP £49.95 

If you want an alternative to tweed, then consider moleskin. We spotted these from Hoggs of Fife, which come in two different colours (and at this price you could buy one of each).

waterproof men's breeks

Fernley men’s breeks

2. Fernley men’s breeks RRP £164.95 

Lightweight, waterproof and breathable, making them an ideal item to wear walking-up or stalking log distances. The deep, angled side pockets and handy concealed back welt pockets will secure any items you don’t want to be crushed as you crawl to your firing point.

shooting breeks

Women’s BR2 sporting breeks by Musto

3. Women’s BR2 sporting breeks by Musto RRP £150

It can be sleeting down but in these sporting breeks you’ll be totally protected, thanks to a treatment on the inner leg cuffs that resists water. Cut for women shooters so you have complete freedom of movement to swing through. Available in liquorice or dark moss.


Alan Paine men's waterproof breeks

4. Men’s Berwick waterproof breeks by Alan Paine RRP £59.95

These no-nonsense breeks, part of the award-winning Berwick collection, are comfortable whether you’re wandering about or sitting down. The breathable waterproof membrane will keep you warm and dry.

tweed plus fours

Campbell’s Plus Fours

5. Campbell’s of Beauly plus fours RRP £205

Expertly designed, these plus fours are ideal for the upcoming season. Made with Scottish tweed, they are lightweight and have plenty of useful pocket space. Campbell’s holds the Royal Warrant to HM The Queen for its tailoring services.

tweed breeks

Farlows lined tweed shooting breeks

6. Farlows lined tweed shooting breeks RRP £195.99

These handsome breeks are traditionally cut and designed to be both comfortable and functional. Lined and built to last.

men's stormcuff moleskin breeks

Purdey men’s moleskin breeks with storm cuff

7. Purdey men’s moleskin storm cuff breeks RRP £295

Storm cuffs might make a break with tradition but once shooters have experienced the comfort and practicality they offer there’s no looking back. Moleskin offers a useful alternative to tweed and is soft and warm.

Purdey ladies breeks

Ladies breeks by Purdey with storm cuff

8. Purdey ladies high waisted tweed breeks with a storm cuff RRP £450

The flattering high waistband offers a more feminine fit but the storm cuffs are what really make the difference here. They’re easy for pulling your shooting socks over and keep the weather out.

Musto breeks

9. Musto Gore-Tex breeks RRP £325

These tweed breeks feature a Gore-Tex drop liner that’s fully waterproof, breathable and windproof to give you the highest protection in the field. Designed in a Balmoral tweed, they have an adjustable hem and piping on the pockets for durability.

Farlows ladies cord breeks

Farlows ladies cord breeks

10. Farlows ladies cord breeks RRP £149.99

Created from a medium wale cord, these breeks are comfortable without being bulky. The two different colourways will tone in beautifully with existing jackets, vests and sweaters.

Harkila Pro Hunter Endure breeks

11. Harkila Pro Hunter Endure breeks £219.99

Due to popular demand, the Pro Hunter breeks are back and now match the new Pro Hunter Endure jacket. They feature a waterproof and highly breathable Gore-Tex lining.