All comfortable, practical, hardwearing and STYLISH.

If you’re shopping for the best shooting breeks, here’s some help to discover your perfect pair.

Whether you’re on a budget or want to splash out, we’ve picked out some comprehensive choices for you to be thinking about.

Hoggs of Fife has an excellent selection of shooting wear and their Edinburgh tweed breeks shown here are waterproof, stain and rain resistant.


tweed breeks

Edinburgh tweed breeks by Hoggs of Fife £55

If you want an alternative to tweed, then consider moleskin. It’s good value and comes in plain colours – which you might prefer to tweeds.

Moleskin breeks in olive

John Norris moleskin breeks £39.99

John Norris of Penrith has its own version currently on offer for a very reasonable £39.99.
For a machine washable, supple, snag-resistant, windproof, hard-wearing pair of breeks, you can’t go far wrong at that price.

If you don’t fancy tweed, then what about corduroy? It’s softer, easy to wash and cosy in winter. Girls will like Dubarry’s Honeysuckle pincord jeans (currently on offer at Farlow’s for £49.50) which are comfortable, hard-wearing and lend the wearer a svelte silhouette. Colours include: Mocha, Navy, Merlot, Bourbon, Verdigris, Denim and Stone.

Dubarry’s Honeysuckle pincord jeans

Dubarry’s Honeysuckle pincord jeans (currently on offer at £49.50)


If you’re looking to splash out, then perhaps you’d like to investigate shooting breeks by the likes of Purdey or Holland and Holland. They’re not cheap but they would certainly cut a dash out in the field. Both women and men are tailored for.

shooting breeks

Left: Ladies fully lined leather breeks by Purdey £895.
Right: Women’s tweed plus fours by Holland & Holland £650

men's tweed shooting breeks

Left: Wool breeks in pewter by William & Son £425.
Right: Farlows men’s tweed shooting breeks on offer at £97.50

what to wear game shooting

What to wear shooting

We advise you on what to wear shooting, whether at the clay ground or in the field

For men, expanding your budget lets you extend your  choice of breeks and takes you into the realm of plus fours, which add those crucial few inches of extra coverage and comfort in the field but can be remarkably tricky to find off the peg.


tweed plus fours

Cordings Firly herringbone tweed plus fours £175

Cordings makes a particularly stylish and sturdy pair of plus fours in its 100 per cent wool tweed for £175, complete with high back, buttons for braces, and calf and side adjusters for the perfect fit in the field.