Comfortable, stylish, practical, breathable and waterproof - some options for men and women. In tweed, corduroy and moleskin.

If you’re shopping for the best shooting breeks, here’s some help to discover your perfect pair.

Whether you’re on a budget or want to splash out, we’ve picked out top choices.

The word breeks is Scottish for breeches. How do breeks differ from plus-fours? Well, as the name suggests, plus-fours have a further four inches of material for the knee fold and a wider, baggier fit.

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Olive Brown cord breeks

1. Oliver Brown yellow cord breeks £45

Warm, comfortable and if you fancy the same in olive corduroy, then just ask.


Hoggs of Fife moleskin shooting breeks

2. Moleskin shooting breeks by Hoggs of Fife £49.95 

If you want an alternative to tweed, then consider moleskin. We spotted these from Hoggs of Fife, which come in two different colours (and at this price you could buy one of each).

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Women’s BR2 sporting breeks by Musto

3. Women’s BR2 sporting breeks by Musto £150

It can be sleeting down but in these sporting breeks you’ll be totally protected, thanks to a treatment on the inner leg cuffs that resists water. Cut for women shooters so you have complete freedom of movement to swing through. Available in liquorice or dark moss.


Alan Paine men's waterproof breeks

4. Men’s Berwick waterproof breeks by Alan Paine £119.95

These no-nonsense breeks, part of the award-winning Berwick collection, are comfortable whether you’re wandering about or sitting down. The breathable waterproof membrane will keep you warm and dry.

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Campbell’s of Beauly plus fours

5. Campbell’s of Beauly plus fours £170

Available in three tweeds, these plus fours offer a little room in the thigh. Campbell’s holds the Royal Warrant to HM The Queen for their tailoring services.

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Le Chameau Chedworth breeks

6. Le Chameau men’s Chedworth breeks £175

Made from a cotton and moleskin mix these breeks are designed as plus fours. The comfortable stretch fabric, coupled with a stylish fit across calf sizes minimises bulk inside your boots.

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Farlows lined tweed shooting breeks

7. Farlows lined tweed shooting breeks £195

In three different colourways, tweed breeks which will keep you warm and dry trudging through thick heather. Made in Britain from luxurious Scottish wool and designed to be both comfortable and functional.

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Purdey ladies high waisted tweed breeks

8. Purdey ladies high waisted tweed breeks £395-£450

A high waistband is flattering and stops a shirt flapping in the breeze. The matching tweed belt with a leather buckle gives a stylish finish to a pair of breeks that are not only warm and weather resistant but usefully quiet in the field.