Shooting clothing

We advise you on what to wear shooting. (Photo courtesy Campbells of Beauly)

Getting your shooting clothing right isn’t just a case of looking the part. You also want to make sure that you’re protected against the elements – staying warm and dry in winter and cool in summer.

In the first instance ask your host what the dress code is likely to be. If it’s a driven day then a tie is expected. If it’s an informal walked-up day then matters are likely to be different.

Walker & Hawes tweed cap

Should you wear a tweed cap?

Different clothes for different disciplines

Shooting etiquette demands different clothing for different disciplines. If you’re at a formal shoot then it’s going to be tweeds, or moleskins for less formal. If you’re stalking you might want to look at camouflage and your clothing will certainly need to be quiet and not ‘rustle’. What should you wear clayshooting? If it’s summer, maybe just a light gilet. But a cap is still important.

clay pigeon shooting clothing

Clayshooting vest by Musto £95

What’s best to wear on your feet and should you wear a cap? Read on and find out the answers.

Here’s the information you need on choosing the right kit for shooting.

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wildfowling on marsh

The best waterproof shooting jackets

Good waterproof shooting jackets will see you right in the field all the year round. In the summer months when there is a monsoon type downpour you can just shrug off the WET and get on with the job in hand. During the winter, good waterproofing will make the difference…

best hunting trousers

Best hunting trousers: tried and tested in the field

The best hunting trousers should be waterproof, as kneeling and crawling over wet grass will feature on most days. Primarily, what I want from trousers out in the field is comfort and to achieve this they must fit well. I don’t want them to be heavy and they should be…

shooting smocks

Best shooting smocks

The best shooting smocks should be tough, resistant to thorns and brambles and pack away to almost nothing. They need to be breathable, lightweight, windproof and waterproof of course. In addition they should be comfortable to wear, easy to put on and take off, with room to put on layers…

Waterproof shooting boots

Waterproof shooting boots – we put some pairs to the test

When spring arrives, most of us are equipped with clothing suited to the change in weather. The heavy-duty Gore-Tex coats and leggings that shrugged off sleet and gales now hang in the wardrobe, replaced by lightweight fleeces and cotton trousers. However, this yearly switch to summer order of dress rarely…

Wearing plus-fours for shooting

Why plus-fours add that little extra to shooting attire

Plus-fours catch the eye A few seasons ago, heading home following a day’s shooting, I stopped off for a coffee at South Mimms services on the M1. Before I had even got to the front of the queue at Costa, I’d been approached twice by complete strangers who had spotted…

tweed shooting coats

Ten of the best tweed shooting coats

A comfortable, breathable, stylish shooting coat is a key part of shooting clothing. And tweed shooting coats are classic. Top tips for buying tweed shooting coats Tweed is naturally water repellent due to its lanolin content and it is also hard wearing. A good quality tweed shooting coat will last…

gaiters for shooting

The best gaiters for walked-up shooting

Gaiters for shooting are essential, particularly if you’re walked-up shooting on moorland. Why gaiters for shooting are key shooting kit Wear gaiters with your breeks and shooting socks to protect your legs from ticks, as well as mud, scratches from rough heather and brambles. You’ll also be able to stride…

grouse shooting

How LOUD should your shooting tweeds be?

Shooting tweeds should shout for joy, says Ben Samuelson There are a few fibs that we allow ourselves in shooting. The first is that we need big 4x4s. I spent many years driving to shoots in a TVR that only ever went off-road when I slid into a ditch. We…

Testing shooting jackets

Testing, testing shooting jackets

Testing shooting jackets The four shooting coats 
I was sent to trial are all so totally different from one another that to judge them in comparison is unfair and ultimately pointless. Therefore, when I was set the task of testing shooting jackets, I shifted my mindset to the one with…