Shooting clothing

We advise you on what to wear shooting. (Photo courtesy Campbells of Beauly)

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driven shooting

What to wear shooting 

Getting your shooting clothing right isn’t just a case of looking the part. You also want to make sure that you’re protected against the elements – staying warm and dry in winter and cool in summer.

In the first instance ask your host what the dress code is likely to be. If it’s a driven day then a tie is expected. If it’s an informal walked-up day then  matters are likely to be different.

Walker & Hawes tweed cap

Should you wear a tweed cap?

Different clothes for different disciplines

Shooting etiquette demands different clothing for different disciplines. If you’re at a formal shoot then it’s going to be tweeds, or moleskins for less formal. If you’re stalking you might want to look at camouflage and your clothing will certainly need to be quiet and not ‘rustle’. What should you wear clayshooting? If it’s summer, maybe just a light gilet. But a cap is still important.

clay pigeon shooting clothing

Clayshooting vest by Musto £95

What’s best to wear on your feet and should you wear a cap? Read on and find out the answers.

Here’s the information you need on choosing the right kit for shooting.

shooting medium clay

Best clay shooting vests

What are clay shooters looking for in the best clay shooting vests? (Here’s our advice on what to wear clay shooting.) Clay shooter and Sporting Gun contributor Rhys Plum advises: “The vest is a piece of uniform that unites all us clay shooters. But it is also a great way…


The shooting kit that we’d all love to have

There are various pieces of shooting kit that are essential to trips out in the field. We’ve picked some top picks and some that are on the wish list. 1. The jacket Harkila Stornoway Tweed Shooting Jacket £369.95 This recently came out top in our list of best tweed shooting…

woman clayshooter

The best clay shooting jackets

You can be very exposed to the wind and rain on a clay ground and that’s when layers come into their own. So we’ve picked out a selection of the best clay shooting jackets around which would work well in a layering system. Whilst we’re on the subject of layers,…

Tweed shooting coat

The best tweed shooting coats

A comfortable, breathable, stylish shooting coat is a key part of shooting clothing. While technical fabrics have been on the march in recent years, tweed still has a place in the hearts of traditional country people. So we’ve carefully looked at what is available to create a list of the…

Best waterproof trousers – our top picks for all-season hunting

If you’re thinking about what to wear when you’re shooting, at the top of your list should be a pair of good waterproof overtrousers. Living in the countryside can present a tricky set of challenges when it comes to clothing. Whether it’s hot and humid, windy, cold and rainy or…

best wildfowling jackets

Best wildfowling jackets – we put them to the test

Why we need the best wildfowling jackets It is 4am in mid-January. The Shipping Forecast warns of meteorological Armageddon from Gibraltar Point to North Foreland. Sleet like spittle taps the windows and a gusting north-easterly is making up its mind whether or not to remove the shed roof. In conditions…

best clothing for beaters

The best clothing for beaters (and pickers-up)

We asked those in the know what they think is the best clothing for beaters. What to wear and what to avoid. (Read our beating on a shoot day rules for some more advice.) Liam Stokes, CEO of the British Game Assurance (formerly British Game Alliance) advises: “As a gamekeeping…

right age to stop shooting

Best shooting vests: here are our top picks

If it’s too warm for a shooting jacket  our selection of the best shooting vests will add that extra layer to keep you comfortable. (You’ll find our list of the best fleece gilets for shooting here.) What Guns are looking for in the best shooting vests Shooting vests  (or waistcoats)…

Gaiters for shooting

The best gaiters for walked-up shooting

Gaiters for shooting are essential, particularly if you’re walked-up shooting on moorland. Why you need the best gaiters for shooting Wear gaiters with your breeks and shooting socks to protect your legs from ticks, as well as mud, scratches from rough heather and brambles. You’ll also be able to stride…

best lightweight jackets for shooting

The best lightweight jackets for shooting

While the summer sun cracks the flagstones and sensible dogs seek shade, choosing a coat is probably the last thing on your mind. However, as we all know, the British weather is a fickle mistress. I am looking at four factors in my choice of autumn sporting coat when picking…

best Tattersall shirts

The best Tattersall shirts for shooting

The best Tattersall shirts are design classics for shooting and a garment that no countryman or woman should be without. (For our list of the best shooting shirts see here.) Tattersall is basically a check or plaid pattern woven into cloth. There are are numerous patterns, as you’ll see in…