rough shooting kit

Walked-up or rough shooting

Walked-up or rough shooting is when the quarry is flushed out of woods and cover by gundogs with the Guns walking behind. Many shooters have been introduced to the world of shooting in this manner.

It’s a wonderful way to be out in the fresh air and a good way of getting those miles in, as you’re likely to walk a fair way through the fields.

rough shooting kit

Seeing trained Labradors or spaniels at work, flushing out game from cover as the group walks along is a joy to watch. The dogs are trained to retrieve the shot game back to the Gun so that it can be despatched humanely if needed.

Virtually all the quarry species listed can be walked-up.

Numbers are usually totally irrelevant with rough shooting, it’s about being out in the countryside with your dog and hopefully bringing something home for supper.

Here are a range of articles on the rough shooting so you can learn more.

Gaiters for shooting

The best gaiters for walked-up shooting

Gaiters are a key part of your shooting kit, particularly if you’re roughshooting on moorland. If you’re wearing breeks and your smartest shooting socks, they’ll protect your lower legs from ticks, mud, heather scratches and allow you to splosh through streams without getting your feet wet. Never be tempted to…

walked-up shooting

How to tackle common species when walked-up shooting

Successfully walking-up any quarry and making the most of your opportunities is not as as straightforward as people often think. Here I will go into specific details about how 
to tackle commonly encountered species. The most frequently made mistake among would-be rough Shots is to head to the local clay…

going away bird on clay ground

Walked-up shooting and the going away bird

For clay pigeon shooting enthusiasts and game shooters alike, walked-up shooting is making more and more sense in these financially difficult times. Mark tells you how to prepare for typical going away targets.

rough shooting kit

The right kit for a succesful day’s rough shooting

It would be fair to say that I am pretty well addicted to my walked-up shooting. Years ago, walked-up or rough shooting was the mainstay of many a Gun and I know for plenty of people it was how they were introduced to the world of shooting. Then along came…

Beretta 486 Parallelo 20-bore

Beretta 486 Parallelo 20-bore reviewed by Shooting Times

As the new shotgun reviewer for Shooting Times, I was asked to look at the Beretta 486 Parallelo 20-bore side-by-side and consider whether it would make a good rough shooting gun. The short answer is yes, but let’s have a look at the evidence 
to support the argument. Familiar sight…

Ground game on rough shoot

How do you safely shoot ground game?

At this time of year the same old topic of conversation crops up at shoots far and wide - namely the shooting of ground game and/or low birds.

Clumber spaniels

A day’s shooting with Clumber spaniels for the first time

I love shooting over dogs, so when my friend Nathan Hawkins posted an open invitation to shoot over a breed I had never heard of — the Clumber spaniel — I jumped at the chance. Charming Clumber spaniels This is a breed that has been apparently superseded by springers and…

How to create your own shoot – what you need to know

How to create your own shoot – what you need to know

It is the dream of many sportsmen to own their own shoot, and to provide some sort of safeguard for their shooting in the future. Due to escalating 
land prices around the country this dream may result in owning just 
a few acres, but with careful planning and hard work…

Beretta Ultralight Gold

Beretta Ultralight Gold reviewed by Shooting Gazette

Long-term experts in using alloy metals in constructing their guns, Beretta build the Ultralight Gold largely from a tough, lightweight aluminium alloy with the main wearing parts of the gun being made from tougher stuff. This is most clearly seen in the action face where a titanium insert will take…

Wire haired Jack Russell terrier

Can I use a Jack Russell terrier for rough shooting?

A: I grew up with cross-bred terriers which, being longer on the leg than the Jack Russell terrier, were more like hunt terriers. They were trained to work as gundogs by my father as well as working with the ferrets for rabbits. They would go to ground and bring out rabbits, always dead but still good enough…

stopping a gundog running-in

I want my dog to have his day as a picker-up

A: There is no set procedure for Guns who take their own dogs, and each shoot will have its own policy regarding the collection of dead and wounded game both during and after drives are complete. Therefore it is best to find out from the shoot captain what the expectations for that particular shoot usually are. This certainly applies…

shooting behind combine harvester

Tips for shooting behind the combine

A: I love shooting behind the combine. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity this year, but after practising this discipline for a number of years, I have picked up a tip or two along the way. First, it is always undertaken in good dry weather, so you want to wear light yet protective tops, remembering the dust gets…

walked-up grouse shooting

Fancy an affordable way of grouse shooting?

It always amazes me how quickly the season comes around, but here we go again — and if you are about to head north, I am sure the excitement is building. Grouse shooting, especially early-season driven grouse, is an expensive form of shooting. However, if you are keen to try shooting this amazing wild bird, then walked-up grouse…

grouse moor licensing

The charm of walked-up grouse shooting

Tramping across heather is mesmeric. One step, another; one step, another. Horizons and granite grab the gaze and it’s hard to focus on the small, be it a flutter of brown as a meadow pipit rises or the red of carnivorous sundews awaiting the next midge to err from the safety of the nearby crusted peat. And then…

DIY shoot

How to start up your own DIY shoot

Can you recall a time when the roughshoot, that splendid amalgam of sport, offering the odd walked-up pheasant or perhaps a partridge, a snipe, a mallard and a brace of rabbits, was a readily available alternative to the organised driven day? If you can then you have reached a certain…