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Rough shooting jacket – what are the best options?

Looking for a new rough shooting jacket that provides warmth, practicality and silence? Here are your best options.

walked up shooting

Many young shooters today have learned with an over-and-under so are less likely to buy a classic side-by-side

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Many shooters are introduced to the sport through either rough shooting or walked-up shooting, and it is often the starting point for the best Shots, as it is a perfect way to get fresh air, be out in nature, and get plenty of exercise, as you’ll likely spend a while racking up the miles in the fields. But to get the most out of the experience, you need the right kit, such as a good rough shooting jacket.

If you’re looking for a new rough shooting jacket, you need something that can withstand the harshest conditions. Richard Negus explained that, “Style is not a consideration  when it comes to the best kit for rough shooting. I need something that can stand up to the rigours of clambering through a blackthorn hedge, yet not cook you in the process.”

So where to start? “There are lots of tough and breathable jackets at mid-range prices from the likes of Deerhunter and Ridgeline,” said Mike Swan, “and good old army surplus is worth a look too. The old fashioned DPM cammo is great in the dark woods of winter, but if you keep a look out you can find paler stuff that suits reed beds and rough grass. Whatever, always choose a jacket that has an  opening at the front.”

So if you’re unsure of how to dress for rough shooting or walked-up shooting, we’ve put together a list of our top picks for rough shooting jackets on the market.

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Rough shooting jackets – what are the best options?


1. Ridgeline Monsoon Classic Waterproof Smock, £149.95 – £192.24

Best overall

  • 3 Layer laminated shell
  • Waist clinch
  • Seam sealed

+ Waterproof
+ Great breathability
+ Silent outer shell
+ Hard wearing
+ Velcro cuffs
+ Waist clinch


If you’re looking for the ultimate rough shooting jacket that can withstand the harshest climates you could possibly imagine whilst also managing to be light, practical and breathable, then this rough shooting jacket is the ideal option. Yes, of course it is a smock but it’s made our list of best rough shooting jackets because it also benefits from having a quiet outdoor shell, which means that you will be able to maintain complete silence when out in the field on a stalking day.




2. Ridgeline Torrent  III Waterproof Jacket, £  £142.16


Best value for money

  • Round collar style
  • QUIET-TEX PRO laminated shell

+ Shooters’ hood for improved visibility (also detachable)
+ Deep cargo and chest pockets
+ Waterproof, wind-proof, and abrasion resistant
+ Velcro cuffs


Hard-wearing and comfortable, this rough shooting jacket gives you all the practicality and robustness that you could need out in the field without the heavy price tag. Ridgeline have produced a jacket that is geared for hunters, with a shooter’s hood for improved visibility, which is also detachable. Also having deep pockets and abrasion resistance, you can be sure that when you’re moving through any inhospitable undergrowth, this rough shooting jacket will keep you comfortable and warm.




3. Percussion Sologne Skintane Optimum Hunting Jacket, £89.95

Best for cold weather

  • Band collar style
  • Polyester lining and exterior

+ Lightweight but robust
+ Hand-warmer pockets
+ Waterproof and breathable
+ Large side pockets


This rough shooting jacket features a huge amount of practical features, such as polyester lining, hand-warmer pockets and large side pockets. This is a rough shooting jacket that comes into its own in extreme cold, and will keep you warm on the long nights and cold dawns when you’re out in the field waiting for the perfect shot.




4. Deerhunter Pro Gamekeeper jacket, £  £263.12

Best technical option

  • Technical style
  • Button fastening
  • 100% polyester

+ Hand-warmer pockets with waterproof zipper
+ Detachable hood
+ Sturdy YKK zipper
+ Thornproof outer layer


This is another all-round great option, which leans into being more for technical use. With a thornproof outer layer, a robust and reliable YKK zipper and a high-quality performance membrane, this rough shooting jacket is an ideal choice for those who are avid stalkers or even pro stalkers and are willing to invest a bit more. It is the most expensive option on the list, but if you’re willing to part with the money, you’ll get a lot for it.




5. Hoggs of Fife Struther Waterproof Smock,   £98.95

Best lightweight option

  • 90% polyester, 10% nylon
  • Adjustable drawcord hem
  • Semi-elasticated cuffs

+ Easily packable
+ Huge pockets
+ Adjustable hood
+ Fully windproof, waterproof
+ Very breathable


Primarily designed for hunting and shooting, this rough shooting jacket has a lot of practical features, such as being easily packed away, having huge pockets big enough to provide easy access to binoculars or maps, and having an adjustable hood. This option is ideal for stalking over rough ground, and will provide comfort and warmth no matter how cold the weather or how bad the terrain.




6. Jack Pyke Galbraith Smock,  £79.95


Most affordable

  • 100% polyester
  • Laminated membrane
  • Chin guard

+ Mesh inner lining
+ Great pocket size with weather-proof zips
+ Adjustable wrist and waist bands


If you’re looking for a rough shooting jacket but don’t want to break the bank along the way, then this option could be perfect. It has many of the features you would expect on a jacket set up for rough shooting adventures, such as a mesh inner lining, a laminated membrane and great pocket size. It’s lacking a few of the features that you might find on some of the more expensive items on the list, but for the price point you can’t go wrong.