A good shooting shirt should keep you warm (or cool), feel comfortable, look good when you're out in the field and be fit for the job. Here's a few that have caught our eye.

Our pick of shooting shirts for the season ahead – price, comfort and style. We’ve picked out shirts in a traditional Tattersall check, ones created from technical fabrics that will repel ticks and others particularly designed for hunting. A key part of your shooting wardrobe.

Rigby hunting shirt

Rigby hunting shirt

Rigby classic hunting shirt RRP £99

This shirt is incredibly versatile and can take you from the forest to the field and mountains to the dinner table. It is smart as well as practical, making it a useful addition to your fieldsports wardrobe.

Tattersall checks

For the traditionalists amongst you, here are some Tattersall check shirts to be thinking about .

The description “Tattersall” was first used in the early 1700s and the term is drawn from Tattersall market’s horse blankets. Today it is a traditional design for country and shooting shirts – casual but polished.


Fleece lined Otley shirt £19.99

Yorkshire-based Rydale, one of the stalwarts of game fairs across the UK, produces its country shooting shirts at such reasonable prices that it’d be almost unreasonable not to buy them. We like this fleece-lined shirt above, ideal for a cold frosty morning. Available in plenty of different colour options to suit.

Cordings green red pheasant check shirt

Cordings cotton shirts £69

With shirts as with shooting breeks, a bit of extra cash can get you a few inches of extra cloth. Cordings again provides an excellent illustration of this with its 100-per-cent-cotton shirts, which have long tails specifically designed to stay tucked in no matter how many birds you twist and turn for and are cut generously to ensure ease of movement.

grouse shooting shirt

4. Campbells of Beauly grouse shirt £65

When you’re after the grouse, the colour shirt you wear is crucial. This one by Campbells of Beauly is just perfect. Made from 100% cotton in a classic fit with a green and brown houndstooth print.

Beretta Wood button down shirt

Beretta Wood button down shirt

Beretta Wood button down shirt RRP £57.95

In three colourways, this classic check shirt has an important difference. Made from 100% cotton which has been treated with Silaid which controls odours. So however hard you are stalking or walking over fields and moors, you’ll know that you’ll be socially acceptable at the shoot lunch or dinner.

Harkila Selja ladies shooting shirt

Harkila Selja ladies shooting shirt

Harkila Selja ladies shirt £49.99

Cut for women shooters, these shirts come in five different colourways. Created from comfortable cotton with wood effect buttons and a velour finish inside the collar and cuffs.

Purdey mens technical shooting shirt

Purdey mens technical shooting shirt

Men’s technical shooting shirt by Purdey RRP £225

Designed for hotter weather or more active shooting, this shirt has been designed with a mesh vent at the back to allow air to circulate. A zip pocket allows secure storage and cuffs can be rolled up and fastened with the sleeve strap. Easy to launder and fast to dry.

Keep those ticks at bay

With Lyme disease on the rise, shooters should be more aware of ticks than ever. These shirts will help you in the battle against the blood suckers.

Selous sports shirt

Selous sports shirt

Selous sport shirt £82.95

This highly technical shooting sports shirt has been treated to protect the wearer 
from bacteria and UV rays. Additionally, 
the treatments give protection against various kinds of insects, including ticks.

Harkila Herlet Tech L/S shirt

Harkila Herlet Tech L/S shirt  £89.00

A breathable shirt designed for performance and comfort during intense activity, which will wick the moisture away from your skin.  It is treated with an insect shield to provide protection against ticks, fleas and mosquitos. There is also a version cut specifically for women.