You can't beat the timeless elegance of tweed - the original performance fabric

Top tips for buying tweed shooting coats

  • Tweed is naturally water repellent due to its lanolin content and it is also hard wearing.
  • A good quality tweed shooting coat will last you years without getting shabby. But despite being water repellent, no tweed is fully waterproof in a deluge.
  • The most important thing to look for when buying a tweed shooting coat is that it has a waterproof membrane. This means your coat will keep you dry and allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the tweed.
  • Remember to dry your coat slowly if it does get soaked, or it will shrink and lose shape. Put it on a shaped hanger in a warm room.

Who doesn’t love tweed shooting coats?


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Tweed is a quintessential fabric traditionally beloved of the fieldsports community. In days gone by no one wore anything but tweed, but it was then usurped by the new kid on the block Gore-Tex with its breathable, waterproof qualities. But tweed has fought back and is now equally as popular, and deservedly so.

“Tweed is the original performance fabric” says Peter Sant of Farlows.



Ryedale Derby tweed jacket

Ryedale Derby tweed jacket

1. Rydale Derby 
Tweed Jacket £69.99

This jacket is made in Britain and customer feedback has prompted a few tweeks to make the fit, quality and comfort just right for the shooter. The loose fit allows plenty of room to swing a gun. Two large cartridge pockets allow for plenty of space. No, there aren’t extra pockets or retainer straps to keep the cartridge pockets open but at this price what can you expect? What you do get is a hard wearing, durable shooting jacket that’s stylish, fit for purpose and warm.



Alan Paine Combrook Mens Field Coat

Alan Paine Combrook Mens Field Coat

2. Alan Paine Combrook Waterproof Tweed Shooting Coat £364.95

Designed for the shooter,  this tweed shooting coat is waterproof and breathable with a water-repellent pure wool outer. The waterproof and breathable membrane keeps you warm and dry in even the most adverse conditions. Two good cartridge pockets with eyelet drainage holes are easily to hand. Deep hand warming pockets with flap retainer straps hold the cartridge pockets open. Arms are fitted with waterproof windbreaker cuffs. The jacket has been designed with an action pleat allowing plenty of room to swing the gun.

Tweed shooting coats

Harkila Stornoway Active Jacket

3. Harkila Stornoway Active Jacket £369.99

This modern update of the classic tweed jacket is made from a soft stretch fabric with a classic tweed print. It is supple and stretchable, offering plenty of freedom of movement. The lightweight wind and waterproof Harkila Weather System membrane has been designed specifically for hunting.


Musto stretch technical tweed jacket

Musto stretch technical tweed jacket

4. Musto Stretch Technical
 Gore-Tex Tweed Jacket £595

Hard-wearing, water-resistant and flexible, this stretch, technical tweed coat is made from Scottish lambswool tweed, Lycra and polyamide to allow for plenty of freedom of movement, helped by its articulated sleeves. An extra Teflon coating helps prevent staining. The coat is waterproof and breathable. The jacket has all the pockets you could ask for, a storm flap over the zip to help keep the rain out and inner Lycra cuffs for the same reason.Ptarmigan Tweed Coat - Sandringham Tweed

Ptarmigan Tweed Coat – Sandringham Tweed

5. Schoffel Ptarmigan 
Sandringham Tweed Jacket £649.95

Made from British tweed this coat is fully waterproof and windproof with a Teflon coating to make it stain repellent, and a Gore-Tex lining to make it 100% water and wind tight. The Sandringham tweed is a classic green that will fit in wherever you are shooting. The cut is loose for ultimate lift and there are plenty of pockets for cartridges, hand warming and internal pockets for phones and keys. It’s a smart jacket, will last for years, and what’s more, it’s machine washable which is ideal for a shooting coat, and unusual for a tweed one


Farlows tweed shooting coats


6. Farlows Litchfield Tweed Field Coat £695

Made in England from a high twist, compact tweed that naturally repels moisture. This hard-wearing practical coat is perfect for shooting. Interlined with a waterproof, breathable lining which keeps the wearer dry and comfortable. The snaps on the garment are all rubberised to protect gun stocks from scratches. The tone of the three different tweed colours is suitable for moorland and grassland so suitable for all types of shooting.

Tweed shooting coats

Purdey Men’s Technical Tweed Field Coat

7. Purdey Men’s Technical Tweed Field Coat £895

Purdey’s classic field coat receives an update in this technical tweed, with a fabric that is a third lighter than traditional woven tweed. A yarn twist and a small amount of nylon makes this coat highly resistant to friction and abrasion, while a Sympatex liner ensures it remains waterproof and windproof but still breathable. A Teflon coating on the tweed causes any water to roll off.