MacWet shooting gloves

The MacWet glove is just the thing for those cold and wet days. I don't usually like shooting in gloves, or wear fingerless ones, but these look like they cut the mustard.

Confidence in 2008 partridge shooting

Confidence in 2008 partridge shooting

With just three days to go before the start of the partridge season, sporting agencies are confident that this year’s shooting will be a great success, but are anxious about how the 2009/10 season will be affected by the current economic climate.

Deben Pro Bench rifle rest

You can have the most accurate rifle combination in the world, but if the gun ain't pointing where the 'scopes looking you might as well give up and buy a catapult.

Full-bore sound moderators

In recent years, sound moderators have become a must-have stalking accessory, but there is a bewildering array to choose from. Bruce Potts narrows down the options