shooting in stubbleShooting etiquette has its own rules and here our experts lead you safely through the potential minefield of manners – so you can be assured of doing the right thing.

Safety is of paramount importance. Also sportsmanship. But how should you respond to a shooting invitation? How can you make sure you’re invited back again? How do you behave if it’s your first time out in the field? 

Shooter by flightpond

John Sugden, a keen Shot who manages Campbells of Beauly says: “Don’t forget the keepers tip! You’ll never be able to live it down and you’re likely not to be invited back!”

Rob Fenwick, Managing Director of shooting ground EJ Churchill advises:

  • Always write a thank you letter to your host afterwards even if they say don’t bother.
  • Don’t use your mobile phone whilst on the peg and throughout a drive.
  • Appreciate how lucky you are to be stood there shooting.  It is an amazing sport and lots of people work very hard throughout the year to make it possible.
  • Thank everyone at the end of the day like the beaters, picker-uppers, chefs and anyone who has worked hard for you, you could not shoot without them!
  • Enjoy watching other people shoot well and enjoy seeing other people been “In the shooting”.   Following on from this, don’t get grumpy if you are not in the shooting!  Once you appreciate and enjoy seeing others in the shooting, your whole day will become a lot more fun and you won’t care whether you draw 1 or 4!

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