Cai Ap Bryn

Cai Ap Bryn

Cai Ap Bryn is a passionate chef, hunter and director of Game and Flames, a well-known catering company. He is a great believer in educating the next generation about the provenance of our food and passing on the skills to not only cook but to prepare quarry in such a way that it can be taken from field to fork in its entirety.

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Salt Baked Rabbit

A very good way of cooking rabbit This was an experiment that surprisingly turned out to be 
a very good way of cooking rabbit. Traditionally, salt-baking is used for meat…

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Piri-piri pheasant recipe

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Pheasant Katsu Curry

This recipe for tandoori pheasant with lemongrass and ginger rice is a fresh way of cooking pheasant that will help you work your way through a freezer full of game