Lindsay Waddell

Lindsay Waddell
burning heather

About a year ago I wrote about looming problems with heather burning, saying that it would become a thing of the past on large areas of the northern uplands. It…

Grey partridges

If I did a straw poll of those who have worked with the selection of winged game we have in the UK, the grey partridge, Perdix perdix, would come top of the list. This…

Heather Burning

Why do we burn heather moorland? The practice of muirburn – or burning heather, as it’s more commonly known by the practitioners -is extremely old. It was originally done to…

It takes many good deeds to build a reputation, and only one bad one to lose it. Some in the shooting world need to consider that point

When it comes to moor restoration, there is proof that radical solutions work

With grit in short supply and traps washed away, the season’s end is hard work

Grouse moor pickers-up cover mile upon mile of tough terrain in their vital job

Being a flanker on a grouse day is all about the elements - including surprise

The Law Commision's wildlife review could be hugely beneficial, or a great risk

If buzzards can take a young osprey, what’s to stop them taking a sparrowhawk?

After the early warmth of March, the wet, cold spring is a threat to all bird life

The escalation of an outbreak of mycoplasma spells trouble for red grouse

Following DEFRA's snare report, keepers must continue to observe high standards