Bullet placement

Bullet placement when deer stalking

Stalking trends come and go. From calibres to optics, all have their time. Fashion also influences the shots we take, and currently the head or high neck shot seems to be in vogue. Of all the decisions a stalker makes, bullet placement is surely one of the most critical. Not…

Ladies who stalk

Ladies who stalk

It is a well- established fact that women are better than men at catching heavy and large numbers of salmon. It all began with Diana the Huntress. In Roman mythology Diana was associated with wild beasts, woodland, and the power to talk to and control animals. Though her name was eventually…

spot tb in deer

How to spot TB in deer

The first recorded instance of tuberculosis having been transferred from a cat to a human was reported recently. I wonder if this surprised any of us whose work involves animals. I have to say, it didn’t surprise me. TB, or to be exact, bovine TB, is what is classed as…

Roebuck bluebells

Stalking roebucks in the bluebells

At the start of the 20th-century, roe were almost extinct in southern England. Since then, their numbers have soared thanks to an increase in woodland planting and strategic reintroduction. In fact, roe are now the most widely distributed deer species in the UK, according to the most recent population survey…

Lyme disease in dogs

A tick-ing time bomb

Turnstone writes: Two days ago I set about skinning and dressing a roebuck, a two-year-old, shot the previous evening. I have a suitable beam in a general tool-shed from which I can suspend and work on carcases and the animal was duly suspended. The little deer was still in the remains…

how to choose camouflage

How to choose the right camouflage

By Jon Snowdon Guests preparing to visit Greenlee for deer stalking often ask what they should bring with regards to equipment, especially clothing. They query if it is acceptable to wear camouflage – to which the answer is yes, of course. We do, however, stalk over some ground where those…

Step by step: Bullets for deer stalking

Deer stalking: People often spend hours pondering over which rifle, grade of wood and scope they want to buy, but pay little attention to the bullets that they will shoot through it.