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Rabbit shooting on stubble

At the start of the harvest I didn’t have to worry about ground compaction, crop damage or sinking into bog holes, so I drove around the stubble in my Steed. This proved pivotal in reducing countless rabbits quickly, but shooting solo from any vehicle has its handicaps. I can only shoot comfortably out of the driver’s window using my wing mirror as a rest. 
I played to this strength when shooting into fields to my right-hand side, especially when the wet weather started 
to hit home.

Rabbit shooting from a quad isn’t as relaxed, but it does allow the opportunity to shoot 180° and travel on to the fields without getting stuck, turning them, ruining crops or compacting the ground. In addition, I can adjust my shooting position quickly and it is far easier to find the ideal time to squeeze the trigger.

Of course, it means being open to the elements, so I need good clothing for protection. But the advantages of shooting from the quad definitely outweigh the disadvantages.

In this game you only get out what you put in. Sometimes you also need to adopt a completely silent approach. Neither seen nor heard is the ideal combination, especially around built-up areas and livestock, during the early hours of the morning or late evening.
Harvest-time rabbit shooting ensures that I can pick off a lot of rabbits, while the stubbles enable me to cover the ground — but they won’t be stubbles for long. The farming calendar has turned another corner and, before we know it, the fresh crops will be emerging.