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Turkey Calling

As it is fast approaching turkey season, this week in Shooting Times Christmas Special we have got turkey fever!

Kate Gatacre joined Al Stewart, upland gamebird specialist at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, on a hunt for turkey toms on Beaver Island. With their eagle-like eyesight, it is difficult to call in a turkey.

In this video Al talks us through four different types of turkey calling: a slate call, box call, wing bone and a diaphragm.

Al finds the wing bone call the most satisfying to make and use. He says: “There is nothing more rewarding than shooting a turkey, harvesting it and taking the wings from that bird and making a wing bone call and then calling in another bird.”

Read how successful Al’s turkey calling techniques are in this week’s Shooting Times (18 November 2015) as Kate Gatacre hunts for her first gobbler in Michigan.